Big Screen 4K Monitor for Gaming and Entertainment

Big Screen 4K Monitor for Gaming and Entertainment 1

Most of our times are spent staring at laptop screen for work. Monitor proves to be a better alternative for work and play because of large screens and other in-built features that laptops do not provide. Most of you would be attuned to working from home now. However, all work and no play ain’t a good combination, right. What if you get a device for work and entertainment? Yes, BenQ’s EW3280U gives you just that! Be it working on Microsoft Office, Playing Games, Binge-Watching TV Shows or movies, with a 32-inch giant like the BenQ EW3280U (, going back to working on your laptop screen will soon become an unimaginable concept.

Positioning itself much like a TV-gaming monitor hybrid that BenQ terms an “Entertainment Monitor”.

Big Screen 4K Monitor for Gaming and Entertainment 2

It’s designed for media consumption like 4K streaming and gaming, with its own set of high-quality built-in speakers, HDR support, and other features, including a remote control for easier access, to make this an investment well worth every cent. This also means it is PlayStation 5 ready.

Brightness Intelligence Technology for Eye Comfort

Big Screen 4K Monitor for Gaming and Entertainment 3

For those who work or play for long hours on the monitor, screen brightness is very important. BenQ EW3280U comes with Brightness Intelligence Technology that automatically adjusts screen brightness, colour temperature and dynamic contrast basis the ambient light and content on the screen thereby releasing eyes of the stress from screen brightness

Perfect Entertainment Experience – Visual and Audio

Big Screen 4K Monitor for Gaming and Entertainment 4

After a long work-day, you would want to sit back, relax and enjoy either your favourite web series or play a game to destress yourself. The visuals and sound combine to give the best entertainment experience in all the scenarios. EW3280U 4K Monitor serves the mixture of both via HDRi for visuals and treVolo speakers for the sound.

Visual Brilliance – HDRi

Big Screen 4K Monitor for Gaming and Entertainment 5

 As there’s more and more HDR content and users are more eager than before for better visuals, BenQ has developed its proprietary technology: HDRi which enhances HDR content on your screen with intelligent control, clarity adjustments, and vivid colors. Intelligent control detects the current ambient light level and the image content and then automatically adjusts screen brightness for the ideal viewing experience. It also improves image contrast and clarity for greater detail. You will see what’s concealed in dark corners and bright areas are not overexposed. Colors will be taken to the next level of accuracy and intensity with refined saturation and balance to ensure a mind-blowing color experience.

Audio Brilliance – treVolo Speakers

EW3280U 4K Monitor is equipped with industry-leading speakers, supported by treVolo (a professional speaker brand in the BenQ Group), to offer true tone sounds for more immersion. Free from technology licensing, treVolo intends to create in every built-in speaker a tailor-made high sound quality. EW3280U monitor is equipped with 2.1 channel speakers, intricately designed and well calibrated by treVolo. Its true tone sounds and the presets sound modes make you enjoy your entertainment to the utmost. You will gain the most satisfactory cinematic experience with specially tuned sound modes.

  • Cinema: Mind-blowing action sound effects
  • Pop/Live: Puts you in the scene
  • Dialog/Vocal: Clarity means better understanding
  • Rock/Party: Every beat rocks you
  • Game: Locates your enemies effectively by sound

Easy access to Settings

Big Screen 4K Monitor for Gaming and Entertainment 6

For those who would want to work without losing much time to finicky settings or enjoy a movie without having to get up and reach the monitor, EW3280U comes with easy access controls. It has a 5-Key Joystick on the back for navigation and a volume rocker wheel on the bottom left side of the panel.

It comes with 2 HDMI ports, 1 DP port and 1 USB-C Port. With the 60W USB-B, you can easily connect MacBook, laptop or other USB-C enabled devices and charge them parallelly.

Other Advanced Features

This 4K HSDR IPS monitor can be used for work/entertainment/play alike. With 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, you can experience a range of colors on the screen for an out-of-the world experience. It also comes with Eye-Reminder feature where an IR sensor detects how long you have been siting in front of the screen and will remind you to take a pause. E-Paper mode will help you read a book or work on a kindle like screen that puts the least strain on the eyes. For gaming, this monitor supports 60Hz thus a game for entertainment can be played easily.

Thus, will all the above mentioned features, EW3280U is the go-to monitor for someone looking for a big screen for work and entertainment. Eye-Care features, audio-visual comfort, easy control features make it an irresistible monitor.

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