Tata Hitachi recognizes Honeywell as top supplier in India

New Delhi, India, June 15, 2015: India-based construction machinery manufacturer Tata Hitachi has awarded Honeywell its Sustained Excellence on Delivery Award, recognizing the company as its top-performing component supplier in 2014.

Since 2007, Tata Hitachi has given the annual Sustained Excellence on Delivery Award to its top supplier in India. This year, Honeywell was evaluated against more than 30 of Tata Hitachi’s top suppliers.

The award is a testament to Honeywell’s commitment to serving as a long-term strategic partner to Tata Hitachi. Since 2006, Honeywell has developed a localized manufacturing and supply chain strategy in Pune, India, to more efficiently provide vehicle control products to Tata Hitachi’s three India-based manufacturing plants. The localized capabilities enable Honeywell to better supply parts to Tata Hitachi under tighter delivery windows and provide the manufacturer more time to test machinery for quality assurance. This has allowed Tata Hitachi to goto market faster with new construction equipment.

“We are more than just a component part supplier to our partners. We aim to provide solutions that help solve critical challenges in their supply chain,” said Khasim Sab, Key Account Manager, Honeywell Sensing & Control. “Our partnership with Tata Hitachi is a prime example of how we can adaptour supplier capabilities to provide a business solution that helps Tata Hitachi improve its design and manufacturing process and meet market demand for new construction equipment before their competitors can.”

With a manufacturing-base in Pune, Honeywell can provide vehicle control products for Tata Hitachi construction equipment in less than three weeks.It can take up to eight weeks to deliver these parts if manufactured and shipped from outside of India.Honeywell supplies components such as ignition key switches, rocker switches, LCD hour meters, pressure switches, shifters,among others, that go into Tata Hitachi excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, dumpers and other construction equipment. Honeywell’s Pune facilities currently manufacture nearly 80 percent of its total supply of vehicle control productsfor Tata Hitachi.

“India’s cities and infrastructure are modernizing and growing quickly, spurring greater demand for construction equipment. This putsadded pressure on our business to meet those needs without sacrificing quality and reliability of our machinery,” said Mahesh Tripathi,General Manager of Quality Assurance, Tata Hitachi. “Since the start of our partnership, Honeywell has played a crucial role in helping us streamline our supply of vehicle control products and ensure we do not lose precision time or revenue due to delays in delivery.”

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