Nexans launches ‘LANactive’ Fibre-to-the-Office Solution in the Middle East

Nexans-LANactive-Fibre-to-the-Office-SolutionDubai, UAE, October 26, 2014: Nexans, the worldwide leader in cables and cabling systems, has announced the launch of LANactive, a Fibre-to-the-Office (FttO) solution in the Middle East. The new LANactive solution offers customers a new alternative approach to office networking by using passive fibre cabling and components together with locally distributed active micro-switches to provide Ethernet services via standard copper based RJ45 technology to the device.

“We are pleased to offer our Middle East customers an alternative approach to structured cabling with our new LANactive solution. By combing passive cabling with active switching, the LANactive solution will provide our customers significant cost savings especially those that have several restrictions especially in terms of capacity and space. Our customers from across the region have already shown interest in LANactive and we are confident this solution will be an ideal alternative for certain verticals,” says Tarek Helmy, Regional Director Gulf and Middle East, South & East Africa of Nexans Cabling Solutions.

Nexans’ LANactive solution offers significant cost savings and benefits in specific types of environment such as hospitals, universities and airports where:

  • long transmission distances within the building are required
  • space and/or cost restrictions limit the use of floor distributors
  • cable containment has limited capacity
  • refurbishment is required with minimum disruption
  • redundancy at user level is required 

All components including the active switches, cabling and connectivity are designed and manufactured by Nexans. The switches themselves are manufactured by Nexans in Germany which has a 20 year history of supplying a broad customer base and includes universities, hospitals and public administration facilities where the solution has been proven to demonstrate consistent reliability over many years.

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