Modern technologies loaded with smart features are bringing in a new wave of convenient lifestyles

To ensure a future-proof world for the coming generations, companies today are giving a great impetus to developing breakthrough technologies that bring ease and convenience to the consumers and at the same time are a seamless blend of usability and functionality.  LG has always paved the way for developing technologies with a difference, these are based in the consumer’s preferences and insights and therefore offer a solution to their various needs.

More than just words, LG’s core philosophy has been innovations that improve the lives of consumers. Home appliances are often taken for granted, but thanks to the unique innovations in LG’s household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and Microwave Ovens, the daily chores have become easier and consumers’ lives are becoming more comfortable.

Given how swiftly innovations take place in terms of technology, consumers are now gradually looking out for some specialized features while buying a product. LG’s recently launched devices reiterate the brand’s image of bringing new technology in the Indian market. Here’s a look at some of the futuristic innovative technologies launched by the house of LG –

The LG ‘All-in-One Microwave’ is a multi-faceted smart technology that can prepare healthy and hygienic food in a fast and convenient way. LG Microwave is the first to have a charcoal lighting heater which comes with a ten-year warranty for real charcoal-like grilling besides having other modes for grilling, baking, steaming, heating and roasting. It can pasteurize milk conveniently and has a Diet Fry TM mode which uses less oil specially made for diet conscious people. It is an energy efficient device and saves time and uses less water for cooking. This gadget is electronically regulated and allows precise cooking of traditional and global cuisines.

In line with this smart kitchen technology, is LG’s water purifier range with the Industry’s first airtight stainless-steel tank which keeps the water fresh for longer and germ-free for good health, the True Preservation feature. It has a True RO Advanced Filtration System which provides 100% pure water and a True Maintenance with auto-stabilizing kit, to sterilize the water tank and water path regularly. With its chic display, this appliance is easy to maintain and service.

The LG SIGNATURE refrigerator represents the visualization of essence with a fresh take that is both intuitive and evolutionary. As a nod to its innovative spirit, LG has taken its award-winning Door-in-Door™ design one step further by adding a Knock-on Door-in-Door feature that makes the opaque Door-in-Door™compartment transparent with a simple knock. The transparent surface allows customers to peer inside the refrigerator without having to open the door, offering significant energy savings by limiting cold air loss. Even more innovative is the new Auto Door Open feature which automatically opens the door when an individual approach the refrigerator, allowing for quick and easy access even if your arms are full of groceries.

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