C-Zentrix participates in IQPC Customer Connect Week in Dubai

C-Zentrix, a leading cloud-based and on-premise customer experience and contact center solution provider, participated in IQPC Customer Connect Week, organized in Dubai from October 22-24, 2017. The event witnessed several knowledge sessions related to the need of adapting to the digital communication landscape. According to a report by SAP in 2017, 9 out of 10 customers switch brands due to an unsatisfactory digital experience.

IQPC Customer Connect Week aimed to highlight the importance of customer experience and contact center management, discussed latest strategies and technological innovations in digital services, self-service, Omni-Channel, AI & automation. The knowledge based sessions provided an in-depth understanding of the tools needed to exceed the expectations of the digital customer. The event featured keynote presentations, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and case studies. The event focused on using innovative solutions that can help save costs and increase business profits.

According to Arijit Chatterji, Chief Business Officer, C-Zentrix, “We are delighted to get an opportunity to be a part of IQPC Customer Connect Week, which has given us a chance to highlight the increasing importance of Omnichannel in enhancing customer experience. IQPC which provides business executives around the world with tailored practical and industry specific conferences has given us an ideal platform to bring forth the nuances associated with the changing digital landscape and adopt solutions that can help deliver the best possible customer experience. Delegates from Middle East and Africa shared their viewpoints and willingness of using Omnichannel to transform their customer experience. We would love to be their trusted partner in this journey of transformation.”

Omnichannel is an effective customer engagement strategy to help companies retain their customers. Companies are in need to be constantly in touch with their customers nowadays due to the stiff competition where personalized customer experience is the key for retention. Omnichannel communication platform (Voice, Email, Chatbot, Social collaborations, ticketing & lead generation tools) allow customers to interact and at the same time maintain the context across all touch points. We, at C- Zentrix recognize the pressing need of businesses to launch oneself in the future of customer experience and our endeavor is to aid in integrating multiple digital channels into an Omnichannel customer experience. The C- Zentrix Omnichannel platform on cloud is easy and simple to use with hassle free implementation. C-Zentrix has built a highly secure Omnichannel to offer seamless customer experience among various customer touchpoints and help enterprises to scale seamlessly to accelerate business growth.

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