Pre-budget 2018 Reaction Mr Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO & President- DataWind

CEO-&-President-DataWind-Suneet-Singh-TuliWe expect that FY19 would be the year when the government realizes the intended benefits of GST and demonetization implementation.

In the upcoming budget, we are hoping for some relief in terms of GST from the government. To grow as a nation, we need to educate the people of the land; with this motto, DataWind had entered the telecom market with the cheapest educational tablets. As we have always stated, DataWind aims to fill the gap between conventional and smart education by providing affordable devices and internet connectivity. Tablet PCs carried a 5% sales tax before the implementation of GST.  Due to tax rebates in certain Indian states, as part of make-in-India, the 5% was waived. In the last financial year, we have seen a steep rise due to GST from 0% to 18%. The GST rate for 7” tablets is also at disparity with 6” smartphones, which have a 12%, while both sets of products carry the same functionality.  This made educational tablets costlier and unaffordable among low-income groups. We look forward to reduction in GST on low-cost educational tablets from 18 percent to 5 percent and if possible remove it completely. We are hopeful that the process of GST refunds gets expedited thus helping to run the business with ease. 

India as a country imports a large number of electronic goods from neighboring countries. There should be a focus to substitute imports with domestic manufacturing. This can again be achieved with attractive tax slabs. We have some success in that field but the value addition is still low.There is a need to provide an edge to domestic manufacturing. Similarly, there are a lot of low-end items being imported, and if produced locally they present a good opportunity to indigenous companies by providing local employment.

We hope this budget would be sympathetic towards the sector so as to resurrect the affected businesses again. Overall, we are hopeful for the new budget to create a conducive environment for new job creation, exports and future economic growth of the country. News Service

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