Post Budget Reaction Mr. J. A. Chowdary, Advisor IT & Special Chief Secretary to Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh

The transformative potential of Union Budget 2017 is enormous. Thanks to the initiatives proposed in the Budget, next-generation Knowledge Service Hubs such as Fintech Valley, Andhra Pradesh can emerge as growth magnets and growth drivers for the Indian economy. The thrust provided to digital transactions will propel the Fintech sector forward; when combined with other initiatives that support tax compliance, digital infrastructure or even rural electrification – the overall outcomes for India can be transformative, to say the least. I am confident that the next-generation knowledge service hubs will also become the hubs for ideas and innovation, while attracting skills, capital and academic institutions documenting, researching, furthering and spreading the knowledge that is created. For us at Fintech Valley, Vizag, it is inspiring to contribute to the realization of such a future, which we are committed to. News Service

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