Post Budget Reaction Mr. Anil Valluri, President – NetApp India & SAARC

NetApp-India-&-SAARC-President-Anil-ValluriThe Budget 2017-18 theme is to Transform, Energise and Clean India and every citizen to my mind will agree with this theme. The focus on both physical and digital infrastructure build-out continues and there are clear milestones stated in the budget for instance that 150,000 Gram Panchayats will have Broadband connectivity by end of 2017-18 and these will be used to provide tele medicine & education is laudable. This is not a populist budget, but a budget which caters sensibly to the poor, youth, farmers, villages and infrastructure to propel India further every year. Demonetisation was a bold move and so is the move to bring in transparency in electoral funding as announced in this budget. News Service

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