Post-budget 2018 Reaction Mr. P. Venkatesh, Director & Co-founder, Maveric Systems

Director-Product-Division-Maveric-Systems-P. VenkateshGeneral

  • The government is continuing with its thrust on building the foundations for both individual and enterprise sectors.
  • On the individual end, the rural development, employment generation through SMEs and rural employment, education, low cost housing and health are coordinated actions and are continuing to receive attention
  • On the enterprise side, the investment in infrastructure, modernizing agriculture and food processing, digital, financial market reforms and rationalizing the corporate tax rates for mid corporates are again coordinated and continuing actions.

Financial sector

  • The move to deepen the bond market is welcome. The role of RBI in this is not very clear.


  • The establishment of Wi-Fi spots in rural is welcome. This would pave the way for digitization since the infrastructure is available to scale.

Some areas unattended

  • Not rationalizing the documentation and filing procedures for GST compliance.
  • Not indicating steps being taken for covering tax evaders and defaulters.
  • Not providing a longer term visibility on our fiscal reforms to attract investments.

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