Xiaomi statement on Redmi Note 9 launch through live stream

Dear Mi fans, media friends and partners. We’re extremely excited to launch the latest upgrade to India’s most loved Redmi Note series on 12 March at 12 pm.

At Xiaomi India, we have always believed in innovation for everyone and it is this love of hundreds of millions of Indians that has made us the most loved technology brand. There’s truly #NoMiWithoutYou.

Redmi Note series over the years has seen some of the biggest product launches in India with thousands in attendance. Xiaomi India team has always cherished these launches and the time spent with Mi Fans as well as media friends as a result. 

In that spirit, we have an important update for you. We won’t be holding any launch events on-ground through March. While we’ve been planning for this launch for months, we believe this is an unprecedented yet extremely important step.

We are taking this decision with the objective of reducing exposure risk to Coronavirus COVID-19 for our Mi fans, media friends, partners and Xiaomi employees.

Reports of community spread are coming in from various parts of the world. In certain media reports, there are also instances of asymptomatic carriers, meaning a person could be a carrier of the virus without exhibiting any symptoms of the flu.

 We are operating out of abundant caution and our dedication to keeping all of you healthy.

We’re not holding any launch events on ground in March while we try and understand the situation more and we should have another update regarding future launches by the end of the month. 

This is an extremely difficult decision for us as we love bringing the latest tech to all of you, but above all we value your safety and good health.

For the next Redmi Note launch, please join us online for a live stream launch on our social media and mi.com. We plan to make this online-only launch truly ‘Note-worthy’. 

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