WinMagic launches SecureDoc Cloud VM Version 8.1

WinMagic announced the launch of its latest software release for Cloud, SecureDoc 8.1.

SecureDoc is a comprehensive disk encryption product that secures data at rest (DAR). It has two main components: the client software used to encrypt and decrypt data and the server software (SecureDoc Enterprise Server or SES) used to configure, deploy, and manage encryption for an entire organization.

This New version has many features and improvements such as the following:

  • Full Encryption Support for Google Cloud Workloads
  • Full Encryption Support for Persistent VDI
  • Addition of a manual pre-boot authentication option for Linux platform
  • Addition of newly supported Azure Geo Locations

SecureDoc CloudVM suit of solutions, allows administrators to access data that enable configuration of profiles, installation/deployment of settings, and creation of download packages without relying on a Windows console. This means that multiple help desk administrators can be provided access through the web without having to install the Windows console application.

SecureDoc CloudVM’s cloud deployment method always authenticates pre-boot against SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) for a higher grade of security and compliance in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. News Service

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