Whale Cloud unveils 5G Operation Map at India Mobile Congress 2019

Whale Cloud unveils 5G Operation Map at India Mobile Congress 2019. 5G is the catalyst to accelerate the digital society transformation. In the 5G era, operators will be the technical center of the whole society’s digital transformation. Whale Cloud has developed the 5G Operation Map to guide CSPs to better operate the 5G network and business, speed up the returns of 5G investments, and improve core competence.

Steven Cho, Chief Digital Consultant, Whale Cloud International, said, “We believe the development of 5G will have 3 different stages:The first stage is to provide 5G connectivity services to establish the connection of everything. In the second stage, the business model is to monetize the dynamic network for different vertical industries through network slicing technology. In the last stage, the business model is the platform economy. In this stage operator could leverage their existing dynamic network, cloud computing, edge computing, AI and IT capabilities to build the ecosystem for many service providers to serve the digital society.”

The 5G Operation Map is designed to support operators in different stages of the 5G network deployment. The map contains four key capabilities required for successful 5G monetization:

  • Center of intelligence can provide advanced data analytics and AI technology; help operators build intelligence capability for network and business operation.
  • Center of Operation focuses on comprehensive 5G network management including planning, orchestration,network slicing and operation management; also provides the API platform to open IT& Network capability to ecosystem partners.
  • Center of Ecology builds a digital ecosystem for various industrial customers from business onboarding, marketplace to revenue management support.
  • Center of Value maximizes the value of ecosystem partners online and offline channels and customers by using digital technologies and innovative business model.

In addition to the 5G operation map, Whale Cloud also presented its digital telco transformation approach Digital Telco Maturity Map (DTMM),  case-proven AI and big-data platforms for the telco industry, innovative Telco New Retail and Digital Sales Channels Management solution, and smart city solutions empowered by the Alibaba technologies and practices.

Ben Zhou, CEO of Whale Cloud International, said, “The vital role of CSP will decide the future of 5G. To ensure the success of transformation, telcos need to reinvent the business model, operation model, renovate the technology and platform for sustainable business development. Whale Cloud is on the same boat with global telcos to seize the opportunity and enable the successful transformation. The 5G Operation Map shares our 5G vision and capabilities to global operators.”

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