WebNMS’s IoT Predictions for 2015

Director-of-WebNMS-Prabhu-RamachandranChennai, India, December 24, 2014: WebNMS, a division of ZOHO Corp. and a leading global provider of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Telecom Network Management solutions, has released its technology predictions for the year 2015. According to WebNMS, the need for increased energy efficiency, asset performance, analytics, smart city, and security management will drive Internet of things (IoT) adoption by businesses and enterprises in 2015.

Thrive on Energy Efficiency:

WebNMS identifies that, IoT enable enterprises, remote site infrastructures, and individuals smart consumers of energy by providing detailed visibility and intelligence, into energy consumption and usage patterns. IoT adoption will help drill down to identify issues like energy loss and wastage due to pilferage. Apart from real-time data, the potential benefits of ioT from remaining energy efficient to achieving sustainability goals will drive businesses to opt for M2M/IoT.

Data Traffic and Insight:

With sensors pouring in data from millions of connected devices, data has become mission- extremely critical to business. In the coming years, businesses will focus on value-added services from the data to the adaptation of IoT. Big Data and Analytics tools will boost technology spending in 2015.

Evolving Smart City Market:

There is a huge hype for smart city initiatives In India. With Government’s initiative to deploy pilot projects on smart city, solution providers will focus on the integration of technology   between disparate sectors viz healthcare, transport, and utility. The success of the smart city will be determined by several factors including high-speed broadband penetration, technology adoption by citizens, security, and privacy concerns

Powering Security Management through the Internet of Things: 

Another important aspect recognised by WebNMS is that the need for improved security in their businesses will drive more companies to take on IoT. IoT technologies can make business more secure with centralized management & control of remote devices, theft monitoring, alert notifications, lighting and HVAC control, fire& smoke detection. With Automated Energy Management system one can easily track power-hungry appliances (might be a water-pump or cooling system) and keep them in check. IoT applications have the potential to transform every sector of business and society by enabling proactive decision, process optimization, and creating innovative business models.

“From consumer technology, IoT has seeped into enterprise technology dynamically changing the way data is accessed, monitored and analysed. IoT contributes to creating a sustainable economy by reducing carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency and conserving on energy costs. 2015 will witness a sea change of evolution in the way IoT is implemented by enterprises, and the need for energy efficiency and better security will boost this”, says Prabhu Ramachandran, Director of ZOHO Corp’s WebNMS Division.

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