“We are very different from other leading online platforms” – By, Mr. Manikant Jain, Founder & CEO, Yerha.com

  • Founder-&-CEO-Yerha-Manikant-JainWhat was the idea behind your startup? 

We were always smitten with the range of high-tech gadgets and the advent of internet of things which was taking the world by a storm. We could gauge the untapped potential of global tech products in the Indian market. Fed up with the monotony of tech and consumer products available online in India, Yerha was founded to review and curate the latest in technology worldwide.

  • How are you different from others? 

We are very different from other leading online platforms. We bring those products to the doorstep of customers which are available only at Yerha.com& not anywhere in India. Our take on the market is not through the route of offers and discounts but through product innovation and consumer delight. We are serving a different need in the market which is quite opposite to the daily need being fulfilled by the other e-commerce giants.

  • What were the challenges you faced? 

Educating the masses about new innovations and bringing these niche products to Indian markets was a tough job. Talking about operational challenges, logistically reaching to interior regions of India was little difficult and another was to automate processes and key operations with the help of our in-house technology solutions. Outcome of which was a culminating experience at the cusp of technology and innovation.

  • Explain your business model? 

Yerha is a new age e-commerce website (based on an inventory led model) that introduces products blended with cutting edge technology and remarkable innovation to the Indianmarket for the very first time. Moreover, we deal in gadgets that are exclusively available in Indian markets only at Yerha.com. We bring handpicked products to you that are designed in a way that can make your lives easier.

  • What are your expansion plans? 

Yerha keeps bringing new technologies and product lines.We plan to expand our product portfolio from Mobile, Mobile Accessories, Smart Home Automation & lifestyle and aim to increase their potential& shipping to remote locations to reach out further to the emerging rural areas of the country.

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