“We are a very channel friendly brand & we strongly believe in growing with the Channel Partners.” – By, Mr. Ashish Mutneja, Director – Quantum Hi Tech

  1. Quantum-Hi-Tech-Director-Ashish-MutnejaWhat have been the major growth factors for Quantum to succeed in Indian market? 

India has the biggest economy in the world in which IT industry happens to be one of the most dominating industries when it comes to business. For Quantum, our growth can be attributed to several factors, the key being; right price points, R&D and Warranty which has helped us establish a strong foothold in the Indian Markets. Briefly understanding, Indian consumers are typically price conscious and Quantum has a plethora of products in different price points to suit all. Our strenuous efforts have given us an edge over our competitors and made us front runners in the competition. Our R&D team does extensive study on the demand pattern of our consumers. They attempt to understand the consumer’s needs to suit them better. Adding to which, we also have got good after sales service support. Even the smallest product of Quantum which is just mere Rs. 99 comes with a 1 year warranty. Which proves our tagline “Reliable IT Solutions”.

  1. Brief us about Quantum’s wide range of products. Which all products are doing well in the market currently?

Quantum recently has strengthened its Power Banks and Surveillance category with several new additions to its portfolio. Among the Power Banks category Quantum HI Tech boasts the widest range of Power Banks from 2200mAh to 20000mAh, suiting multiple needs on the go!

These Power banks aid multiple security features along with the latest Li-Polymer batteries, supporting faster charging. In our Surveillance category, we are emphasizing on CCTV. we have launched series of them with features that bring special focus on Night vision. By the very nature, most of the incidents one needs to record in a home CCTV system are going to be happening under the cover darkness. Both our Power banks and Cameras have received a very strong response from our Channel market, bringing innovative solutions at affordable prices for masses. 

  1. How do you regard the contribution of your partners for Quantum’s success in India? What kind of support you provide to your channel partners?  

We are a very channel friendly brand & we strongly believe in growing with the Channel Partners. We have optimized a rich partner ecosystem consisting of 2500 partners across 20 states in India. The Indian market is volatile and the sheer size makes it a good business place for channel partners. We understand their involvement and have our initiatives and promotional drives placed in such a way that it becomes a win-win situation for both. We run several reward programs and incentives to heighten interest among channel partners about our offerings which in turn brings great results in terms of sales, strengthening the bottom lines of the vendor and the channel partner. Also on time to time basis, we conduct training programs, to upgrade them and keep them informed on latest technologies/developments of the Industry and our Brand so as to sync them with the product offerings. To drive the program, we also run several Training incentives so as to keep them motivated. We also support our partners by adopting the new technologies that cater the trend-oriented customer behaviour and expectations.

On the course, our collaborated channels help us to reach out to the consumers more effectively. With the help of our channel partners, today, Quantum today enjoys a strong dominance across the regions. Since we are consistently improving our offerings, in terms of support, incentives and resources, we have progressed exponentially in a tandem, hand in hand.

  1. What is your marketing strategy to become a successful brand in the coming year? 

Our marketing strategies around our products in the Country remains Quality and Affordability. In India, Affordability still has an edge when it comes to the product range which we cater to. Our key product portfolio includes Power banks, IT accessories, mobile accessories and in this criterion what consumers look out for is a reputed quality brand with the right prices and this is where Quantum Hi-Tech has created its niche audience and has been able to cater to with a strong sales support.

Having said that, Today’s consumers are not silent spectators or passive listeners. We are dealing with an empowered audience — engaged in real-time social and mobile conversations, but fragmented across many digital platforms. Understanding which, we shall be focussing on strong campaigns on digital platforms to build unique experiences for real time consumer journey. An online – offline mix shall drive our marketing strategy for the year.

  1. How different are you as against the competition in the Market?

One of the biggest differentiation that sets us apart from some major Brands in India, firstly would be our R&D Team, which is engaged in extensive modifications technically to suit every product, that makes our customers rely on the development expertise. Next being Reliability that drives the key demarcation for our brand and every product, striking the right balance for the optimal solution, giving us an edge over others with the robust electronics portfolio.

Undoubtedly we leave no stone unturned to find the right solution to the dynamic and ever evolving needs of the consumers.

  1. What are the top 5 selling accessories in India in value terms? What is the market percent of these accessories?

Power banks has been our key product portfolio. For the last 3 years, we have seen a huge demand and refinement in this section. The next category is IT peripherals/Mobile accessories where we have had our own share of success.  In the coming times, we shall focus on Audio as we plan to venture to Bluetooth speakers, Smart devices/IOT as we understand the future is Smart.

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