“VuLiv has served over 10 MN Users from OEM distribution” – Mr. Manoj Gupta, MD, VuLiv Player

  • MD-Manoj-Gupta-VuLiv-PlayerTell us about VuLiv Player and why should one opt for it?

Vuliv Player is India’s largest media OTT entertainment platform, which bridges user’s offline and online content playback experience on a smartphone. An intelligent video player which converges all of user’s local videos, music, photos and 400 hours of popular online entertainment into just one screen, one smartphone application, thereby Simplifying Entertainment for the emerging market of internet consumer.

The app uses machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence that recommends online content basis a user’s offline/on-device consumption pattern, thus creating a bridge for the consumers who predominately travels offline, to discover the world of online entertainment. It also acts as one-stop destination to enjoy online entertainment from various OTT platforms like Viu, Voot, ScoopWhoop, IndiaTV, Fever 104, Alt Balaji, Comedy Munch amongst others making it one home for all entertainment platform.

India is a big side-load/Download/microSD market, where consumers are culturally not comfortable in paying for content they consume, and hence tend to download or Share movies, songs and videos via free websites or among friends. As per KPMG data, if there are more than 500 million offline users in the country, having Zero access to internet and only plays media on device. Around 300 million has intermittent availability while around 100 MN has 100% access to internet all the time. Therefore, there has always been a search of creating a platform which can bring these offline consumers into online. VuLiv Player aims to bridge this online-offline internet divide with offline technologies and click to search techniques that not only simplifies content discovery but helps organise, and broadcast at the same time.

  • Tell us more about VuShare and how it is different from other players 

In today’s era, with increase in internet consumption watching videos might seem great, but sharing them with others can be a heavy process. One way would be to swap memory cards, or you could transfer files using a computer, or use file sharing apps like ShareIt. However, this can be a complicated process and sometimes people just want to be able to let others see the video without having to transfer it. Unleashing the smart phone’s entertainment potential, VuShare is the world’s only mobile technology for simulcasting a user’s Videos, Music, Photos on any multiple screens Instantly including Smartphones, Computers or even Smart TV without any additional hardware or the need to transfer the file or even without internet or any additional cost.

This eliminates problems of low Storage faced by virtually all smartphone users due to frequent file exchanges between peers through various platforms.

In order to enable VuShare Feature, users just need to click on the VuShare icon and enable a VuShare session to watch a favourite video together with friends or where friends can go even solo to watch their choice of content with full playback and sound controls

Friends can create their playlists and enjoy their favourites on the choice of their screen size or the sound systems, as each one of the VuShare session members have individual playback controls. The app uses its own proprietary software technology to connect with multiple smart devices at same time & creates 1 host to manage playback controls or playlist combinations. The technology is native to smartphone hardware and is built on core communication protocols which allows the host to beam dedicated speed upto 80 Mbps for each connected device with no loss of content quality or buffering unlike faced even in a 4G network.  A VuLiv host can enable a multimedia VuShare Session for non VuLiv customers also, who can access full playback and playlist controls via their mobile browser.

There are several unique features in VuShare that makes us stand out of the other players in the market like, Broadcast Music, Videos, Photos on Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, Smart TV, Save your favourites to watch later instantly  and the best part of the feature is that one doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet to use this app.

  • What is the average time spent on VuLiv? 

Since inception, VuLiv has served over 10 MN Users from OEM distribution, ~2 MN iOS /Google play downloads, Generating 1 billion playback platform minutes so far. On a monthly basis the app clocks 10 MN video views, 9 MN Listens, 40 MN Minutes, 2 MN MAU,200KDAU, where over 60% daily users are with AON 60 days & beyond. An average user spends over 133 minutes per month.

  • What is VuLiv’s game plan for the growth in India? 

With VuShare, VuLiv player has built the ultimate User Growth Hack where a user can invite another user to discover new video, music or party photos… With Vushare, It aims to connect the 100 Mn Indians to 300 Mn Unconnected Bhartians without the need of Internet, Memory, Cost & Time. Today we are in a position where 1 VuLiv user will grow its network with its own content and create a ripple effect. With our aim to Simplify Entertainment for a billion Indians, this will be the next level of disruption where even the Unconnected can enjoy the benefits of Connected world by joining hands with his friends, family, fans and anyone and everyone 

  • Overall how do they expect the OTT industry to grow in 2018?

The future of OTT is very bright in India. The factors like exponential growth of Smartphone users, and introduction of high speed internet services have encouraged OTT service providers to establish their presence in India. Also, India government’s Digital India initiative, is considered a positive signal for OTT, VOD and TVOD service providers. Smartphone penetration, high speed internet and increasing bandwidth are some of the factors that are surely going encourage OTT service.  The study from Unisphere states that Over-the-top (OTT) video will overtake TV in 5 years and the annual growth rate of global OTT tends to be at 30% – 50%. 2018 seems to be much more happening in OTT TV space. Upcoming trends such as live video streaming, original content streaming, hybrid video streaming, AR,VR and 360 degree video streaming will bring new trends in the OTT industry in 2018.

  • Some interesting insights into the OTT industry

OTT is one of the fastest growing medium of digital consumption. With more telecom operators, media houses and aggregators playing with the idea of OTT, there are going to immense options for the consumers. There is a lot of scope for the growth of OTT industry in India with more and more people liking the idea of VOD. But content is king, it will always be a differentiator and it will define the success of every player.

The OTT and VOD content is mostly consumed on smartphones and heavily relies on it, it is an exciting time as there are about 300 million smartphone users in India. Also, binge watching and video streaming is a new trend in the millennials is a great option to tap.

  • With Facebook YouTube and WhatsApp focusing on connecting the next billion to the Online Content and OTT platform, how VuLiv Player is playing the role of bridging the gap between the offline and online users    

Today all the social platforms are nothing but Video, Photos, Music Sharing Platforms. More than text, Whatsapp is being used to share latest viral videos. In our thesis, after YouTube, it shud be a User’s Media player that plays maximum amount of media received via sources of Download, Sideload, ShareAPPS such as WhatsApp, Shareit. Each Indian Smartphone user carries loads of free content to be consumed among friends at various places be it Metro, College, Home and likes to Share with friends around. But because of the increased penetration of internet and cheaper smartphones, the memory of even the upgraded phone is becoming smaller and therefore leading to piles of files exchanged or deleted every day. While Fb, Whatsapp and other social apps are building and connecting the ONLINE World, VuLiv player is building a bridge between the massive offline world of media and connecting to Online world of entertainment across OTT platforms. In more than 1 way, it is enabling consumers to transform from UGC to Originals on-line thereby simiplifying the problem of discovery for the consumer and building awareness about the originals with just 1 simple click…

With every smartphone, connected or unconnected empowered with VuLiv Player, we can disrupt the growth rates of media consumption and distribution among consumers without worrying about the growth of internet, network, memory or customers ability to afford online entertainment.. Isn’t the thought only disruptive…?

  • What are your plans for 2018?    

2018 is pivotal year for Team VuLiv where a host of Software and Hardware disruptions are on the anvil using VuShare Technologies. Whether its OTT Video or a Drone Security systems, Vushare can just disrupt the industries into massive growth spiral and adoption due to negligible use of resources from existing networks.

VuLiv Player is all set for massive growth on its VuLiv Player as well as suite of apps on the IIOT front and it needs to be seen which sector will see the inflexion point faster than others as the potential of the Sharing technology and its use cases is infinite and is still being discovered everyday.

All said & done, it will be a huge year for the 500 Mn Smartphone users as well as the Industries adopting these new age technologies.

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