Verizon Expands Secure Cloud Interconnect in India

Verizon India has expanded its Secure Cloud Interconnect footprint in India to include two of country’s biggest cloud providers, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The announcement brings the number of Secure Cloud Interconnect partners available to India-based multinationals to 9 including Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, HP, IBM Cloud and Salesforce.

“This expansion is significant for our customers as we now have the ability to connect to two of the biggest global cloud service providers in India. Secure Cloud Interconnect is essentially Verizon’s network extension to the cloud service provider community. It’s literally as easy as flipping to your preferred cloud service provider at any time and at a fraction of the cost instead of using private circuits,” said Helen Wong, Director of Partner and Product Strategy for Verizon Asia-Pacific.

The concept of cloud interconnect predates early multiple cloud service provider connections which were provisioned over the public internet giving IT executives little control and visibility over policies and the implementation of the infrastructure. Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect is a Software Defined Network-enabled (SDN) service built on Verizon’s Private IP network that offers any-to-any connectivity of IP, while providing the security and reliability associated with private wide resources, controlled application performance and varying classes of service. The service is available in more than 170 markets around the globe.

According to TechSci Research report, the market for cloud computing services in India is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 22% during 2015-2020 boosted by increased government spending and adoption by the small and medium business segment.

Robert Le Busque, Regional managing director for Australia, New Zealand and India said, “This is the start of a number of product investments that we’re making, on what is our tenth-year anniversary in India. We’re very pleased to be able to increase our Secure Cloud Interconnect footprint in India at a time when our customers are increasingly starting to rein in shadow IT and increase governance of their online assets because they need to be in control of mission-critical workloads.”

Verizon’s Private IP network boasts over 330,000 connections across move than 800,000 network route miles. The service is also additionally available with Virtual Network Services (VNS) which is a natural extension of data-center virtualization that promises enterprise Wide Area Network customers fast, flexible provisioning as well as cost savings. Recently, Tokyo-headquartered healthcare provider, Astellas Pharma Inc announced that the company is using Verizon’s SECURE CLOUD INTERCONNECT to connect to its multiple cloud service providers around the world, including India.

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