UNISOC Collaborates with Google to Carry out GMS Certification

UNISOC announced that it has been authorized by  Google to become a third-party certification laboratory, certifying  GMS  Express  Plus devices with UNISOC  chipsets.  This  is  another  major milestone of UNISOC’s continuing cooperation with Google since joining the Google GMS Express program on December 2017.

UNISOC  is  committed  to  providing  customers  with  quality  products  and  turn-key solutions  that  are  highly  cost-effective  and  time-saving,  including  pre-tested,  pre-certified and fully compatible Android™ software, Google Mobile Service (GMS) and various Android test suites (CTS, GTS, VTS, CTS/GSI, BTS, STS, ITS, etc.). As a GMS 3PL certifier,  UNISOC will be able to significantly simplify compatibility certification process, shorten its duration time for OEM and ODM customers, accelerate products launching and thus enhance overall  market competitiveness.  At  the  same  time, customers  will  also  receive  frequent  security  patches  to  reduce  risks  of  device hacking.

UNISOC  combines  its  unique  chip  design  strength  with  the  Google  GMS  Express program to expedite the launching process smart terminal products for global device makers and deliver safe and smart Android experience to end users.

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