Twitter enhances Logged Out user experience

New Delhi, India, February 03, 2016: Every month, over 500 million people visit Twitter to see what’s happening around the world. From conversations around live events to breaking news to pandas playing in the snow, Twitter wants to make great content accessible for everyone — even if the users are not signed in. Today, Twitter is excited to announce improvements to that will bring those great Tweets to even more people across the globe.

Twitter is rolling out a home timeline to people across 23 countries who visit the homepage on their mobile devices. Before today, one could see individual Tweets but it was hard to discover stories and conversations happening on Twitter without signing in. Now, users can check out a news story as it unfolds, dive into the play-by-play discussions around a game, and then come back again to see that exchange between two rappers everyone’s been talking about. It’s real-time and straight from the source, just like the Twitter experience for those who log in.

Twitter is also expanding its refreshed homepage on web, which is already available in the US and Japan, to every country noted below. Starting today, anyone can explore and discover different topics and stories as they occur, including some that are tailored just for them based on their location and activity on Twitter. News Service

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