Toshiba rolls out 5 in 1 hybrid at CES 2014

New Delhi, India, January 13, 2014: Toshiba has launched an under-development prototype of its laptop-tablet-desktop-canvas hybrid at CES 2014.

The tablet has a 360-degree fold-back hinge that allows multiple positions and different angles for display. The new Toshiba design allows the hinge to be used for different purposes. Along with that, it also has a detachable keyboard. This allows users to use it in various modes based on comfort.

The five modes that it can offer are – a laptop mode, Canvas mode, Tablet mode and finally a desktop mode. The design module is rather interesting and could remove limitations of current hybrids. The device features a shiny metallic exterior strikingly similar to the one we saw in the premium Toshiba Kirabook.

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