Ten hot features on the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

1. A mightier Pen with Windows Ink

Windows Ink is a set of pen-driven experiences that supercharges the power of your Pen or Stylus. Summon the app by pressing the Windows Ink Workspace button or clicking the back of your pen.

2. It’s your most secure Windows ever

Microsoft boosted  free anti-malware service Windows Defender. For enterprises, Microsoft is delivering new services like the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) to help them defend against increasingly brazen and sophisticated cyber-attacks.

3. The password is you

Sign into Windows 10 devices as seamlessly as possible – with your face or fingerprint. Microsoft has even extended the function beyond the login screen to Windows apps and Microsoft Edge – the first and only browser to natively support biometrics.

4. Power browse with power efficiency

By using fewer CPU cycles, consuming less memory, and minimizing the impact of background activity and peripheral content, Microsoft Edge lasts three hours longer than Google Chrome-long enough to finish the final movie in your favorite trilogy. On top of that, there’s Amazon Assistant, LastPass, AdBlock and more on the cards.

5. Cortana works harder for you

Cortana, the world’s most productive personal digital assistant is now available above your lock screen and will help with anything from making notes to playing music from your PC or creating reminders. Cortana can save and recall key information as well, and the data will be synchronized across devices. Work hard, work smarter – Cortana has your back.

6. Play Xbox anywhere

Gamers rejoice! The Xbox Play Anywhere program will allow you to purchase a single digital copy of a game, then play it on both Windows 10 and Xbox One. Microsoft Studios is also bringing a full portfolio of new games to Windows 10, including Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, which will be free for Windows 10 users.

7. Content gets more user-friendly

New accessibility architecture for Microsoft Edge supports modern web standards, including HTML5, CSS3, and ARIA. Page structure and content are now exposed more clearly with assistive technology. Also, form entry when using keyboard navigation and screen readers improve in this update, making the browsing experience better for people of all abilities.

8. It’s more expressive than ever!

Microsoft has revamped the entire set of Windows emojis in the Anniversary Update to be more inclusive, detailed, expressive, and playful. So cut down on your words and let the pictograms do the talking.

9. It gets it right at night

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update adds a dark theme that’s a lot gentler on sight. Just try not to get carried away browsing and remember to get enough sleep.

10. It balances work and leisure

The Anniversary Update lets you pin a window so that it’s available on every desktop. Now you can Skype both your co-workers about that latest project deadline, and arrange for an after-work hangout with your friends on whichever desktop you’re on.

How can you manually get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update:

Go to Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update

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