Tech Mahindra Launches ‘Attendance through Face Recognition Technology’ for Employees under the TechMNxt Charter

Tech Mahindra has launched a new Facial Recognition Attendance System for employees under the TechMNxt charter. This initiative is in line with Tech Mahindra’s promise to FUTURise internally, and give employees a connected and seamless experience of workplace of the future, by leveraging next generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

The new attendance system will give employees the freedom of attendance through facial recognition, thereby eliminating the need of the traditional identification cards and other tedious login processes. Besides registering attendance, the facial recognition system comes equipped with a Moodometer which will also help gauge the overall sentiment of the organization through the collective facial expressions captured.

Speaking at the occasion, Harshvendra Soin, Chief People Officer, Tech Mahindra said, “The Facial Recognition Attendance System is a huge step forward in our TechM HRNxt journey, which is in line with our TechMNxt charter. The objective of the Facial Recognition System is to provide added convenience, and achieve unprecedented levels of employee satisfaction and employee experiences. The Facial Recognition System is a perfect example of next generation associates creating next generation experiences, and we are extremely proud of our ‘Techmighties’ who have built this application in-house. We are excited about TechMNxt and the possibilities that the new age technologies hold for our customers as well as our associates.”

Speaking on the data safety aspect of the Facial Recognition Attendance System, Soin added, “Protecting the privacy of each and every associate is our utmost priority. Hence, we have ensured that the images captured through the Facial Recognition Attendance System are deleted on a daily basis after being converted to text.  We will also seek an explicit permission from individual employees for both attendance and associate engagement analysis with an option to revoke the consent at any time.”

Attendance through Face Recognition Technology for Employees by Tech Mahindra Chief People Officer Mr. Harshvendra Soin

Facial Recognition Attendance System

TechMNxt is Tech Mahindra’s response to the future with a focus on core technology areas, like AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and AI-infused IOT solutions, 5G- Network of the Future. The Facial Recognition Attendance System, is in line with the TechMNxt charter and leverages next gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence to register the attendance of employees through a simple three step process – share consent, take sample pictures and start clocking in with a smile. The Facial Recognition Attendance System matches the images captured with the complete database of the person concerned and registers the attendance. The images captured are converted to text and deleted automatically. With a click one can switch on or switch off from facial recognition and the data is deleted automatically with confirmation sent to the associate as well. The engagement data at aggregate level of location is completely anonymous and handled only by the HR Team for improving associate experience at work. With the Facial Recognition system, the login and logout update in the timesheet is reduced drastically. Besides, the Moodometer helps gauge the overall sentiment of the organization through the collective facial expressions captured at respective locations.

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