Tata Docomo launches Club Premier for its channel partners

Tata-Docomo-LogoBangalore, India, November 18, 2014: According to Tata Docomo, the unified telecom brand of Tata Teleservices, India’s retailers are uniquely positioned to benefit from Generation Y’s dependence on mobile communication.

Speaking at the launch of Tata Docomo’s Club Premier program for channel partners, Mr. Elango Thambiah, Head – Mobility, Tata Teleservices Limited, described the millennial and post-millennial generation – consumers aged under 35 – as exhibiting the highest level of dependence on mobile communications.

“India ranks ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to Gen Y’s reliance on technology and smart devices. According to research 70 percent of Indian millennials compulsively check their smartphones for updates compared to 60 percent globally; of those, 42 percent said they would feel anxious if they couldn’t check their smartphones and 71 percent wish they didn’t feel so compelled, but they like to stay connected. 96 percent Indian millennials, who have smartphones, systematically check for updates as a part of the morning routine; in short, they would literally feel underdressed leaving the house without it!” he says.

Mr. Thambiah described India’s millennial demographic as a ‘global tribe’; the world’s ‘exhibitionist’ class; everything is shared, endorsement and validation is actively sought for – virtually – every activity.

“This could take the form of ‘likes’ on Facebook or ‘retweets’ on Twitter; in India this could also mean recognition from traditional family networks.  The latter is particular to India – family recognition and acknowledgement remains a crucial driver for this generation; and mobile devices are increasingly the communication mode of choice for the same,” he adds. 

“In fact, our current television campaign ‘Open Up’ reflects this exact theme; the millennial generation’s obsession with sharing and recognition and the all-important ‘like’ on Facebook.  For India’s millennials, sharing has become existential; nothing counts until it is liked or retweeted.  And our Club Premier channel partners are ideally situated to benefit from this trend.” 

Through Tata Docomo’s ‘Club Premier’ scheme, post-pay channel partners will be incentivised and rewarded according to their level of performance – Silver, Gold and Platinum – each corresponding to a distinct level of benefit and bonus.  These range from monetary, exclusivity and priority entitlements to offsite trainings, national meets with the leadership team of Tata Docomo, and international conferences.

“Our channel partners are key to our business ecosystem and play an important role as customer-facing representatives of our brand. ‘Club Premier’ is one of the largest and most engaging programs we have initiated to build a strong association with them.  With Generation Y continuing to find new and compelling ways to communicate via mobiles, our aim is to ensure that our reseller community is best placed to address their appetite,” added Mr Thambiah. 

Club Premier partners would further enjoy a distinct and differentiated brand identity with their entire customer-facing BTL and other paraphernalia getting specially branded by Tata Docomo. With significant benefits and remunerations associated with the ‘Club Premier’ program, Tata Docomo will promote healthy competition amongst its channel partners who will be able to retain and graduate to new levels of the program based on their performance.

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