TAKE Supply Chain launches its OneSCM SaaS-Based Supply Chain collaboration solution

TAKE-Supply-Chain-OneSCMChennai, India, April 16, 2014: TAKE Supply Chain, a division of TAKE Solutions and a player in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) sector,today announced the next release of OneSCM, a robust SaaS-based supply chain collaboration software solution focused on helping mid-market companies manage their extended supply chain operations.

The latest version, OneSCM Enterprise 7.4, showcases a new user-interface designed to decrease end-to-end transaction time for Procurement Collaboration, AP Automation, Shipment Collaboration and Demand/Forecast Collaboration tasks. The release also features expanded inbound materials traceability and shipping window enforcement to increase receiving accuracy and accelerate invoicing for dynamic discounting.

The most notable change is the new user-interface (UI), which leverages many leading edge enterprise software UI practices to increase usability and decrease overall transaction time. Among the improvements are page re-designs that provide faster, standardized access to commonly used transactions and tasks such as reviews, changes and submits, and a centralized search control bar that is context sensitive and user-configured. In addition, the new UI features an increase in iconography to support global usability.

Also notable is the expansion of inbound materials tracking, visibility and control via a robust shipping hierarchy tool. Suppliers can create and submit multi-level shipments with ASNs and PTNs within OneSCM. The shipment is approved or rejected in real time based on established shipping window tolerances, which can be set to three, configurable levels: Accept, Warning, and Rejected. For shipments falling within the Accepted and Warning ranges, pre-approved packaging labels are provided for output. Rejected shipments prompt the supplier/shipper to contact the buyer directly for real-time collaboration to resolution.

Ongoing enhancements to OneSCM also include expanded globalization to support additional sourcing opportunities, as well as additional data integration capabilities that allow for faster and easier integration with ERPs and other back office systems.

VP of Marketing & Product Management of TAKE Supply Chain Donna Fritz said, “Mid-market companies face many of the same challenges as their larger competitors, but often without the available resources to acquire leading supply chain solutions. This latest release of OneSCM represents our continued commitment to delivering leading supply chain features and benefits in a very affordable monthly SaaS subscription model.”

A demonstration of the new OneSCM release can be requested through the company’s website at onescm.com or take supplychain.com,or by calling 1-800-324-5143. For more information about OneSCM, please visit onescm.com.

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