Sony unveils its selfie centric smartphone Xperia L2 

Sony India launched its new smartphone, the Xperia L2 at Rs. 19,990/-. The Xperia L2 packs a 13.9 cm (5.5) Wide Screen HD Display along with 2 powerful cameras; an 8MP 120-degree Super-Wide Angle Selfie Camera and 13MP f2.0 Main Camera.


The 120° super wide-angle 8MP front camera on Xperia L2 allows you to capture all the action even in a group selfie without missing anyone out. Xperia L2 lets you to toggle between Portrait Selfie mode and Group Selfie mode, Portrait mode for great results of personal selfies and Group selfie mode to fit in all your friends in a single click. Built to impeccably capture the prized moments, the new Xperia L2 features a 13MP F2.0 rear camera that ensures clear and crisp mobile photography even on most spontaneous moments. This superior camera combination on Xperia L2 gives users access to a powerful blend of superior low light quality imaging and accurate focusing speed therefore resulting in better and brighter pictures.

 The Xperia L2 is crafted with a sleek design that has been further refreshed to create the illusion of a seamlessly never-ending surface whose curvature aids the perfect fit in your hand. The expansive 13.9 cm (5.5) HD screen on Xperia L2 delivers vivid colour output and detailed images to deliver crisp and sharp viewing experience which is ideal for enjoying videos, browsing content and enjoying social networks on the go. Sony craftsmanship is clear to see astonishing brightness, colour, clarity and contrast that are realised to create levels of realism you almost feel part of the scene that you watch.

The 3,300 mAh battery means you can do more of what you love for longer and intuitive Xperia smart charging technologies ensure the battery stays healthy during its lifespan. With 3,300 mAh battery, one can watch more movies and videos without worrying about battery, from a single charge, leaving you to maximise your use with ease. Additionally, the Stamina Mode extends the battery lifetime just when you really need it, whilst Qnovo Adaptive Charging technology and Battery Care work together to maintain the long-term health of the battery by monitoring its health and adjusting the charging current accordingly to avoid damage and maximise its lifespan.

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