Sony India expands its range of SF-G Series with the launch of  its toughest SD card – UHS-II SD card

Sony India recently expanded its range of SF-G Series with the launch of its toughest SD card – UHS-II SD card. The newest addition to the series comes with enhanced features specially designed for professional photographers, DSLR and mirrorless camera users and videographers. The new SF-G series TOUGH specification range combines the world’s fastest read and writes speeds with an ultra-rugged design that is bend proof to 180N and drop proof to 5 metres. For photographers who are fighting against the elements to get the perfect shot, the SF-G series TOUGH specification range of SD cards are also waterproof with an IPX8 rating and dustproof with an IP6X rating.

Sony SD card - UHS-II SD card

The new SF-G series TOUGH specification range of SD cards are 18 times stronger than the SD standard with world’s first monolithic structure (one-piece moulding, no empty space in the card) and materials of high-grade hardness, unlike conventional SD cards with a thin, 3-part ensemble. They are protected against typical physical damage that can affect conventional SD cards such as a broken plastic casing, broken data protection lock and broken connector ribs. Offering an effective balance, the SF-G series TOUGH specification is more resistant to bending and easy to break parts are removed entirely and has been engineered by Sony to deliver the best balance of hardness and toughness

Built on its advanced technical capabilities, the new UHS-II SD card is the world’s first rib-less SD card with no write protection switch. Ensuring complete safety, sealed one-piece moulded structure and rib-less, switchless design keeps Images safe and guards against drops, bends, water and dust  – Need additional details

Capturing fast-moving and unpredictable subjects, the new SF-G series is equipped with the world’s fastest write speed of up to 299MB/s, buffer clearing time is minimised, allowing the photographer to shoot many frames per second and capture the action that they want. The SF-G series TOUGH specification range also supports V90, the highest standard of video speed class, making it an ideal companion for shooting high resolution video.

Furthermore, transferring high capacity photo and video files is made simple with the SF-G series TOUGH specification, thanks to a read speed of up to 300MB/s. This is another world’s fastest which dramatically enhances workflow efficiency after the shooting is all wrapped up. In a further acknowledgement of the practical needs of photographers, the SF-G series TOUGH specification range feature bright yellow banding design, making the card easier to spot in dark shooting conditions.

Ensuring the perfect shot, the SF-G series TOUGH specification range of SD cards are also sealed with the highest grade of waterproof (IPX8) and dustproof (IP6X) ratings.

SF-G series TOUGH specification SD cards offer a series of further features, designed to give photographers peace of mind. These include an ‘SD Scan Utility’ which allows the user to check that the card is good condition and File Rescue Software which can recover data and photos that might have accidentally been deleted. Furthermore, SF-G series TOUGH specification SD cards are also X-ray proof, magnet proof, anti-static, temperature proof and feature UV Guard.

Pricing and Availability

SD Cards are available across all Sony Center, Alpha Flagship stores and major electronic stores across India.

Model MRP Availability
SF-G64T Rs. 13,290 Already available
SF-G128T Rs. 24,590 Already available

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