“SMEs acceptability and adaptability of NAS is more” – By, Mr. Ripunjoy Gogoi (Sales Director – India and SAARC region), ASUSTOR

  1. Ripunjoy Gogoi ASUSTORWhat were the highlighted achievements in the Year 2018 for your company?

The company expanded its product, profile, and network remarkably across the globe. As per region-specific, India also contributed equally to its global growth path. In 2018, we have added new models with enhanced capacity,which were appreciated much by the partners and customers in India. This has also helped us in completing the appointments of the distributor in all region of India.Much awaited “SNAPSHOT” feature has matched the market trends and has given confidence to the partners to promote more aggressively in enterprise level.

  1. What are the key features that make ASUSTOR different?

ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions, also specializing in the development and integration of related firmware, hardware, and applications. We are devoted to providing the world with unparalleled user experience and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.

ASUSTOR NAS offers incomparable unique functions

  • ASUSTOR: Performs general checkups on all your settings and provides appropriate recommendations;
  • Mobile Apps: 8 different mobile apps for convenient NAS access while on the go. AiMaster provides exclusive initialization function allowing you to set up your NAS without a computer;
  • Local Display for Surveillance Feeds: Provides 4 free camera channels that can be viewed via HDMI on a TV.
  • ASUSTOR Portal: HDMI TV App that integrates ADM, Chrome Web browser surveillance feeds and more.
  • Instant wake from System Sleep Mode S3: An industry first, quickly put the system into sleep mode and wakes it back up in only 1.5 seconds.
  • Night Mode: Turns of LED indicators so as not to disturb users during the night.
  • Mission Mode: Ensure the completion of backup jobs by configuring the time interval or number of attempts
  • FTP Explorer: Connect to other NAS devices or FTP sites from within ADM to transfer files. Resuming downloads is also supported.
  • Cloud Connect: Free DDNS service providing convenient remote access
  • Searchlight: Fuzzy searches of files and functions on the NAS.
  • Sign In Page: Customizable page style, background, and image.
  1. What are the verticals /businesses/organizations does ASUSTOR cater its products?

The ASUSTOR Inc. provides flexibility to the customer to choose from its basket of models catering to all sorts of customers and market; Personal/Home, SOHO, and Small to Medium Businesses/Enterprise. 

SMEs acceptability and adaptability of NAS is more. The growing need for end-users to store huge amount of data at a reduced cost compared to cloud-based storage is propelling the growth of the consumer and SME NAS market. The innovative services provide remote access to data storage through internet or LAN connectivity at home and help small-scale business to access information at marginal costs in the global market. We are offering multiple features with modern appliances that simplify user interaction with these devices at an affordable cost with higher reliability and security. ASUSTOR NAS caters to all tiers of market and hence, we are able to deploy our NAS machines in all categories of customers; Till date we have deployed in all types of institutions from block level institute to state and central government institutes to Defense, Shipping, Mining, educational institutes, Hospitality, Hospitals, Media house, textile, diamond industry, Auditoriums, Banks, builders and construction companies etc. Even personal users like doctors clinics, CA, architects design studios, photo studios and for customer who like to have all possible entertainment in one box.

  1. What are your business strategies to widely reach your target customers?

Our target customers are everyone from an individual to a large enterprise and to cater to the particular customer we have products for each target segment. We need to accept that due to the growth in the surrounding industries the data with each one of us has exponentially grown over the period; the data may be in our computer, laptop, smartphones or the entertainment media, now we all are looking for reliable and automated storage solution and hence, NAS is the fittest product solution available in the industry. ASUSTOR NAS is bundled with all desired features from a personal to a corporate need, which will attract all segments.

To influence HOME buyers ASUSTOR NAS is having all that entertainment features one can look for. ASUSTOR NAS is not only a Backup Solution Box, but it is much more than that, it is a total entertainment box; ultimate audio entertainment, 4K video output, photo gallery, your dedicated cinema, the dynamic ASUSTOR portal direct to your TV connecting with HDMI, supporting over 200 applications including apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos India, Gmail, Google apps etc. It has its own Download Centre to download and install desired applications, It is a personal cloud, it is IP surveillance solution box, it is mail server box and mobile apps connects with your NAS through your smartphone from where ever you go. 

  1. What were your key products launched in2018? How was the response from the market?

We had number of products launched in 2018. But, one which created the most buzz in the market andeven appealed to me personally was the “SNAPSHOT”, which was much awaited by the partners whose prime focus is more in corporate and large projects.

During the Computex 2018 in Taipei we have launched the following models:

  • AS1002Tv2-which is an enhanced version of our most cost-effective, widely appreciated and entry-level model AS1002T.
  • AS1004Tv2 which is an enhanced version of our most cost-effective model in 4 bay models AS1004T.
  • AS3102Tv2- Enhanced version of very popular model AS3102T, a cost-effective model in 2 GB RAM segment.
  • AS3204Tv2-Enhanced version of very powerful model AS3204T in 4 bay segments.
  • AS4002T- Introduced first time in the industry with 10Gbe inbuilt NAS in the entry level 2bay model.
  • AS4004T- Introduced first time in the industry with 10Gbe inbuilt NAS in the entry level 4bay model. 
  1. What are your future plans for Indian market?

In the last couple of years, we have seen the market potential, it is significantly growing. As I submitted before that we are targeting all the segments of the market from an individual customer, to small and medium business and to enterprise level. Our products and its features are of far excellence. To reach to all the targeted segments we have developed the distribution network, which has wide coverage of the network. To reach the individuals and SME segment we need to develop more sub-partners under RDs.

We are putting in process of creating an ecosystem where every system integrator, retailers, VAD, VAR can contribute and make a margin from the solution provided. Our closet technology solutions are HDD and IP CCTV manufacturers. We have global marketing ventures with these technology manufactures where both partners can be benefited from the joint solutions. The company has a very strong profit-sharing mechanism to its partner. The end user is indeed benefited with low or no maintenance cost.

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