Shiv Nadar University Adopts NetApp Storage Systems

New Delhi, India, April 20, 2015: The Shiv Nadar University (SNU), an international, multi-disciplinary research-focused university has selected NetApp’s FAS storage system for managing its growing storage needs. NetApp’s FAS storage has helped the university achieve virtualization, better performance and ease of operations with security and stability.

As one of India’s foremost universities, SNU has been set up to build a landmark institution in higher education in India. SNU’s mission is to help students acquire and develop knowledge, skills and leadership qualities and to this end, high-tech classrooms, cutting-edge labs and unprecedented access to information are a norm. The industry-leading storage solution deployed has helped the university in managing virtualization workload and file servers bringing in greater efficiencies allowing up to 80 percent more performance, 100 percent more capacity and non-disruptive operations. NetApp’s FAS storage system has also offered SNU improved agility with faster delivery of results and reduction in planned and unplanned downtime.

The NetApp FAS storage system optimized memory and I/O bandwidth provide superior performance while providing network connectivity and capacity scaling needed to meet growing and changing data storage requirements. The NetApp storage systems provided SNU a high return on Investment for virtualization and server consolidation infrastructure. SNU has realized significant space savings (30-40 percent) by optimizing the solution across platforms, bringing in ease in administration and cost efficiencies.

Rajeev Saxena, Director Commercial & Public sector sales, NetApp- India & SAARCsaid, “Education is one of the key aspects of development for a nation. From that perspective, we are very proud to be associated with the Shiv Nadar University and through it we would like to bring about positive change in India’s education sector. We are committed to providing the best technology solutions for our customers and help them improve their business efficiencies. In the case of SNU, we are pleased to partner with the university, that is looking to deepen and broaden the learning process of its students.” 

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