Ringing Bells announces ‘Cash on Delivery’ for Freedom 251 to its customers

Freedom-251New Delhi, India, February 26 2016: Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. officially announces ‘Cash on Delivery’ for its clients today. In furthering its service to its customers, Mr. Ashok Chadha, President, Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd, announced, “We will leave no stone unturned to clear the air regarding our stand on professionalism and policies. We will make sure we reach out to our esteemed customers on time.

Therefore, to offer our best services, the company has decided that we will, henceforth, offer ‘Cash on Delivery’ mode of payments for those who have placed an order for the Freedom 251Smartphone. This will ensure further transparency and clear any misgivings. The rider that there will be one phone per unique customer ID is to ensure that the phone reaches individuals. All the above is to clarify any doubts.”

Adding further, he says that the company’s policies and modus operandi regarding its tie-up with the payment gateway provider in India, viz.,PayUbiz this is so that all are clear that  company receives payment only on submission of proof of delivery (POD) to the payment gateway. The company’s decision to switch to the payment method of ‘Cash on Delivery’ further obviates any doubts expressed by any quarter regarding the transparency of the company.

To all those who overlooked our initiative to align with the Make In India or the Digital India plans, the company has clearly developed its Business Plan in sync with government initiatives to promote Make in India, Digital India, Skill India and all anchored now on Start up India. Our humble beginning of providing a high tech gadget that will benefit all even in the hinterland and bridge the huge gap that clearly exists between the metros and semi-urban / rural areas and is also in keeping with the government’s initiatives.

On the preparedness of Ringing Bells, as to whether we can provide a phone for Rs.251 or not; or whether we will have the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certificate, we assure that there will be no breach and value ,”

On Cyfuture BPO and its claims, “The company categorically confirms that it disagrees with the facts shared by Cyfuture BPO. The company outsourced its customer care to Cyfuture in the faith that they clearly know this area as it was claimed by them as their expertise. The company began receiving thousands of complaints reporting that they were not able get through to the helpline number ! Telecom companies have confirmed that the helpline was receiving a volume of approximately 12 lakh calls per hour.

When this fact came to the knowledge of the company that the BPO was not able to handle the traffic, it realized its customers had to be served better. The company than deliberated with Cyfuture but no optimal solution was arrived at – suggestions were given to add another 700 PRIs which would require a huge army of operators and attendant office space and infrastructure – all requiring considerable time.”

The company, in addition, is in the process of sending emails to customers narrated as “In furthering our service to you, we, at Ringing Bells, have decided to offer “Cash on Delivery” terms vs the previous Offer of via “Payment Gateway”!! By this, our esteemed customers, will be required to make payment only when the phone is delivered to them. We express our sincere gratitude for your kind support and look forward to your continued patronage.

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