Replies from ESET on ‘Net Neutrality‘ by Mr. Pankaj Jain, Country Head at ESET India

Director-of-ESET-India-Pankaj JainIf we have freedom of speech, freedom of following a religion, freedom to get education, it’s not fair to discriminate the Internet contents. I would consider it as basic violation of citizen rights. TRAI is there to censor the contents, ESET is there to take care of all internet security solutions. Telecom operators & ISP should not restrain users to visit only few websites. Every internet user should be free to explore internet, well known, popular or new websites to decide what is best for him/her. Think, If net neutrality was not there few years ago, we might not be knowing about communication revolution like Facebook & WhatsApp; flipkart, snap deal would have closed down operations by now. Let’s give fair chance to all startups & let user decide what’s good. I urge ISPs , do not abolish new talent and ideas. Enjoy the internet, ESET will protect you and will support Net neutrality.

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