Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Prateek N. Kumar, Managing Director& Chief Executive Officer, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Managing-Director-&-Chief-Executive-Officer-NeoNiche-Integrated-Solutions-Pvt80s and 90s were the decade when my generation was growing up attuned to song requests made on AIR by people from a non-descript town called “Jhumri Tilaya” and Lalitaji’s pearls of wisdom on which washing powder made our cloths look whiter or how a particular Scooter brand was creating stronger images of stronger India as it was hard to miss on Sunday morning television along with “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata”. We kept trying to save a particular character’s girlfriend in the name of Video games. Digital camera was still a distant dreams to the ubiquitous Camera Rolls, X-Boxes and PlayStation were unheard of and life was about scarcity and limited choices. 

Our PM is launching Digital India which means a whole new world where globalization and technology advancement will further shape the way we perceived and see things like never before. Which will give rise to a whole new breed of Consumers. Consumption was no longer about available choices but getting what you want on your terms.

This will be a true step to connect villages with better infrastructure and broadband ….A whole new India will emerge one which will not only match the world but lead the world ..As digital marketer we would love to contribute and make it a reality after all its our bread and butter.

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