Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Milind Kamat, Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer, Atos India

Executive-Vice-President-&-Chief-Executive-Officer-Atos-India-Milind-KamatIndia stands to be known as the world’s largest democracy hence a country open to huge opportunities and challenges. The Digital India programme of the Government of India is a commendable initiative and holds great potential to bridge the digital divide in India. This will foster the enablement of people with universal access to internet, e-governance & m-governance, integrated digital e-services and financial inclusion. These all elements form the part of inclusive growth. 

In my view, the Digital India initiative has huge potential to drive digital revolution in India and bring about impactful change not just for people but for businesses as well. In all this technology will be the core and central platform to drive these changes and transformation. This will bring across a healthy development and create enormous opportunities for businesses and technology companies as well. 

Today digital solutions are available for almost every sector and India stands to gain from these. Some examples that will show immediate impact for the government led digital programmes will be fueled by smart mobility, IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Smart City, IT services led infrastructure enablement that will complement citizen services like education, healthcare, drinking water, sanitation – all tends to be powered by some kind of digital intervention here and there will add to the overall concept of sustainable development.

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