Pre-Budget expectation 2015-16 by Mr. Prakash Nayak, Chairman, The IET Power Engineers Panel

IET-Power-Engineers-Panel-Prakash-NayakWe have lived with anxiety “hoping for better life” for many years, it is a time for change, and people’s mandates have shown this with absolute clarity.  What is expected is walk the talk, we have seen and heard many jargons, it is overdose, show us the results. What country needs is not free food, not free Power, not free TV etc. What we need is job for all that can only happen if full focus and drive is on development with clear objective. Let me address what we expect from government for the Power sector. 

You need a magic wand to convert the bleeding sector to profitable one. It is tax payer’s money; it is high time to stop it.We need the government to bring in investment/finance model to revive the sector with escrow account etc. as no investor is eager to come and invest in them, and fix the team with clear accountability and responsibility for the new finance model; otherwise it will be like an old wine in new bottle. 

There are discussions on amendment to Electricity Bill, bringin more the renewable energy, making it mandatory the renewable power obligation for consumer as well as the renewable generating company.  It is right time now to take out subsidy schemes on renewable as the power generation from Solar is already at par with Power generated from Fossil power; actually this scheme is only delaying the large scale implementation. The process is slow and takes lot of our time and efforts.

Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’, two of Government’s pet projects. Our objective in both should have been large scaleemployment opportunities, thus inclusive growth and addressing social issues which are cropping up due to large scale unemployed minds. I am not sure how they intend to go further when it comes to “Make in India”. We cannot compete with China in Manufacturing, what we can surely competewith them and rest of the world is in System Engineering and Product Design, Design Engineering. Indians are involved many projects outside India and delivering the tremendous value. Thus thrust should be engineering, product development than just manufacturing. Creating an echo system around this should be the responsibility of Government and could be part of budget. 

Last point I would like to make it on the  Fossil Fuel, we have no option but to live with it few more years as large scale capacity enhancement could only come from that.  So what is needed is strategy and direction and regulatory mechanism in assigning the coal blocks and also making the Generating Companies responsible with strict guidelines and penalties if they exceed beyond acceptable pollution levels. When rest of world can use technologies why not India adopt them.

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