Post-Budget reaction by TechProcess Payment Services

Post-Budget quote from CEO of TechProcess Payment Services Kumar Karpe:

CEO-of-TechProcess-Payment-Services-Kumar-KarpeThe proposal to set up an E-Biz platform integrating the myriad of government departments with a centralized payment gateway by the end of the year does present an interesting avenue for payments services companies such as TechProcess to offer a frictionless end-user experience besides bringing about operational efficiency and transparency on the part of the government. Initiatives such as this on the part of both the Central and State governments would help improve the delivery of public services and simplify the process of accessing them. E-Governance offers an immense opportunity to the payments industry for facilitating the payment of taxes, duty levies, public utility bills and also for a more efficient Public Distribution System (PDS) spelling out a 4.13 billion annual transaction size of payments to process.

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