Post-Budget Reaction by Mr. Swaminathan Vedaranyam, Chief Executive Officer,

Chief-Executive-Officer-VIA-Swaminathan-VedaranyamThe  Finance Ministers’ proposal to  increase Visa on arrival scheme  from the current 43 countries to 150 countries is a very welcome move as it will push the incoming to India dramatically which will in turn help the entire local eco system of India. It’s proposal to  invest in heritage sites was a much awaited and extremely beneficial move as  there was an urgent need for well-defined policies and clear commitments to ensure that all cultural heritage points are given more attention with improved infrastructural facilities.  There is a recent spurt in domestic travel as well as a higher influx of foreign tourists in India and with dedicated upkeep of the tourist hotspots, we can ensure higher growth for the travel industry.  The reduction on the Corporate tax is another major move that will help companies put aside more cash which can be  be ploughed back into the business.

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