PM Modi used Twitter’s Periscope to launch #DigitalIndia campaign

Twitter-PeriscopeNew Delhi, India, July 3, 2015: Periscope is a live video streaming application by Twitter which can be easily downloaded from the  iOS and Android store. In today’s fast paced world everyone wants to be a part of things as they happen, gone are the days of recaps as everyone wants to live in the moment.

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Periscope, the live broadcasting application by Twitter was used by Narendra Modi during the #DigitalIndia launch to reshape the way both news and social interaction took place around the event. Periscope, the up and coming application helped more than 250 people from around the world tune in live on the application to catch a glimpse of the #DigitalIndia launch. For those who were not present at the event which was taking place in Delhi or dint have access to television,  Periscope was the application to opt for to catch all the action live and feel like a part of the moment.  @_DigitalIndia Periscope handle was a TV channel in its own sense with live broadcast of the #DigitalIndia event.

In many ways, #DigitalIndia announcement was followed closely by all Twitteratis and tech savvy audience on the @_Digitalindia handle. Periscope brought people closer to the launch of the #DigitalIndia event and the Periscope video had about 260 live viewers with 1040 likes. Twitter has been flooded with tweets regarding #DigitalIndia and it was the trending topic with over 120K tweets till a short while ago and counting. In many ways the@_ DigitalIndia Periscope handle changed the way the world consumed news.

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