“Our aim is to establish the new gold standard for smart TVs” – By, Mr. Saurabh Kabra – Director & Business Operations -Truvison

  1. Director & Business Operations -Truvison Saurabh KabraWho are your competitors in the Indian market? How are you planning to compete with the existing competition? 

Indian audience is very dynamic and so are their needs, ever evolving. Keeping in pace with the evolving trends Truvison has focussed on building the latest in Technology at most prudent prices. R&D and Innovation has been the base of our products that drive their purpose. We plan on investing and developing our R&D centers and distribution channels for further expansion. To dominate the TV Market, our focus is to tap the value conscious Indian Consumer embracing the disruptive pricing with no compromise in quality. We believe the concoction of our truly disruptive product, philosophy of best specs, highest quality and honest pricing mixed with the innovative business model will help us propel a change in the Smart TV industry in India. 

  1. How is Truvison any different than any of its competitors in the market?

For us it’s the product that does the talking. Also, we are considered as Value for Money Brand, that has bought the Touch of International Technology to Indian Markets. Being the first to bring several new technologies which includes Turbotek championed for phenomenal sound quality, TRUAER employed to assure safest, purest and cool air & CORNEA to balance the emitted light from the television, thus minimalizing the strain caused to the eye. Aspiring to revolutionize the lifestyle of consumers, Truvison brings comfort and convenience to millions of homes in India.

  1. What are your target areas?  

We aim to expand all over India. Moving strongly ahead, we have already made the inroads to Tier II and Tier III Markets. Educating the audience, Tailoring the Solutions Truvison has taken an extra mile to establish a firm foothold. Currently, we have been dominating the Western and Southern Markets parallel exploring new regions. Very soon we shall have an established a strong presence in North too.

  1. How do you plan to expand your presence in the Indian market? 

Designed to cater to the growing demand for innovative smart TV offerings within the country, Truvison is a smart internet TV brand customised for the Indian market. With the intersection of high-quality content, smart technology, and powerful hardware to provide the most fulfilling and enriching entertainment experience to its users, Truvison’s portfolio brings everything under one roof. The brand’s strategy is to penetrate the unexplored regions in India, especially the Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions where consumers though demands for a top-notch quality product paired with value-added benefits at most prudent prices. As part of the strategy, the company plans to introduce more categories under its mass premium brand which will help it to expand in tier II & III cities. Recently, the brand has also associated with the well-renowned and trusted online stores, to maximize the outreach for the audience.   

  1. Does Truvison have any strategies to survive in the consumer durable business?

The consumer in India is indeed smart, uncompromising, well-informed and very discreet about the pricing. With our range of smart TVs, we want to give this consumer a top-of-the-line product at an aggressive price which is currently missing.

  1. Which are the new product lines that Truvison is planning to launch in the near future? 

Our aim is to establish the new gold standard for smart TVs and in India by enabling access to the latest technology at the most affordable prices, to young consumers across the country looking to own their first smart TV. We have launch 32inch TV to 75inch TV, each unique to itself in enriching consumer experience. We also extended our consumer durable segment introducing AC’s. Not only that, the year 2018 has been good as we also extended our audio segment by launching Bluetooth Speakers which has been a success. We have recently launched washing machine as well. Furthermore, viewing the dynamics of the market, the next milestone to be achieved will be with the addition of refrigerators and air purifiers into the portfolio. Our main agenda remains to provide Indian audiences with the ultimate home entertainment, audio, and visual experience, making a significant upgrade on the current offerings.

  1. What are the biggest challenges faced by a consumer durable brand in the Indian market? 

The industry is facing challenges such as rising freight cost, infrastructure bottlenecks and under-developed ecosystems, among others. So the way forward for electronics industry is a healthy relationship between the government and industry to put India in a strong, dominant position in the global electronics map. Since Make in India is boosting the entry of more and more competitors in the industry, it has become difficult to keep up with the competition and technology and Price points at the same time. 

  1. Where do you see Truvison in the next 5 years?

We aim to be India’s most Trusted Destination for Consumer Durables and probably amongst the top 3 consumer durable brands. In the near future, am confident to say we shall be able to compete with China and South East Asian countries known for its Manufacturing. Clear focus shall always remain latest technologies at most affordable price without compromising on the quality of our products.

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