NSDC to Accelerate Skill Development with TCS iON Digital Skilling Platform

TCS iON has partnered with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to provide its training partners access to the TCS iON Digital Glass Room, enabling them to move classroom vocational skills training to online mode for millions of students across the country.

The new partnership strengthens NSDC’s online content aggregation platform – eSkill India, through which it enables e-learning amongst skill seekers and will contribute towards strengthening the Skill India mission. NSDC’s robust network of over 500 training partners across the country will now be able to access the TCS iON Digital Glass Room to seamlessly transition to a virtual teaching and learning environment and continue with their skilling programs, during the lockdown and thereafter.

The TCS iON Digital Glass Room will enable trainers to deliver lectures, create and share content, share and evaluate assignments, conduct formative tests, and monitor learners’ progress. The platform also enables online collaboration among students and trainers through debates, quizzes, polls and surveys. Students and trainers can share posts, like, vote and chat with each other, ensuring seamless education.

Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON, said, “We are delighted to provide the TCS iON Digital Glass Room and the associated set of digital tools to NSDC’s training partners so that skilling can go on uninterrupted during the lockdown and the impact can be multiplied as the lockdown eases. It is our endeavor to empower training partners with all the necessary digital platforms so that they can open more training centers across the country and enable a larger set of students with the skills needed for the future workplace.”

Dr. Manish Kumar, MD & CEO, NSDC, said, “In today’s disruptive environment, digital solutions provide live virtual classrooms and self-study courses, enabling continuity of training and learning. NSDC’s collaboration with TCS iON is aimed at facilitating innovative methods to promote skill training and access for learners.”

The TCS iON Digital Glass Room is a web-based digital education platform that empowers educators to engage with students in real-time by uploading and sharing their own lessons, videos, worksheets, assignments and assessments, and using interactive methods like polls, debates, quizzes, surveys, and more.  It also facilitates digital learning through groups or digital discussion rooms powered by the TCS iON Digital Learning platform. Over 4 million learners are currently using the platform.

he offering is free for all training partners of NSDC who can directly register at https://iur.ls/DigitalGlassRoom   

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