“Now-a-days more of the business classes are seeking for Inventory & Accounting softwares”- Co-founder of Marg Compusoft Anup Singh

Co-founder of Marg Compusoft Anup Singh shares his views with technuter.com on Inventory and Accounting software.

Co-founder-of-Marg-Compusoft-Anup-SinghCould you please tell us about Marg Compusoft?

Ans) MARG Compusoft is an end-to-end solutions software which provides easy and reliable solutions to all accounting and inventory management requirements. MARG deals in solutions for jewellery, wholesale/distribution, retail/POS, manufacturing, FMCG, excise, restaurant POS and ERP as well.

What is “MARG” and how it works?

Ans) MARG is an end-to end solutions software which helps in easing the day to day operations with regards to accounting and inventory management. Depending upon the sector, the software installation is done; if any special features are required the same can be activated for the concerned individual. This software also has more than 1500 types of setups from which the chosen one as pe the respective sector requirement can be installed and used efficiently.

What are latest industry trends in Inventory and Accounting software?

Ans) Now-a-days more of the business classes are seeking for Inventory & Accounting softwares, as it helps keeping track of their inventory which has slowly become a great concern for them. Business people know that there are 2 ways to generate more profits:

(a) Increase the sales which in the competitive world it is getting tougher)

(b) To control costing by having full control over their inventories.
Marg has more than 6 Lacks users and is growing with a pace of 100% year on year. This itself signifies the trend and need of the Solutions.

Could you please tell us about your clients?

Ans) Our clients vary from a very small business user to large enterprises. Marg is strong in all verticals of Retail, Modern Trade and Manufacturing.

What is the USP of ‘Marg Compusoft’ in contrast of other Inventory and Accounting software providers in India?

Ans) One of the major USP of MARG Compusoft is the simplicity of the software, easy implementation and flexibility in customization. Usually the factor of customization is rare in such softwares, this is where MARG shines and makes its mark.

How MARG provides idyllic and separate solutions for each sector?

Ans) The software from MARG has been made efficient enough which can be used in multiple sectors. Depending upon the requirement of each sector, the software is customised and made relevant for the respective sector.

The feature of customisation is not available in most accounting/inventory management softwares which makes MARG one of the most demanded software for accounting or inventory management.

What are the major Industry verticals targeted by Marg Compusoft?

Ans) MARG has an eye for each sector and the needs and requirements every sector gets usually. Some of the sectors that MARG caters to are jewellery, manufacturing, retail/FMCG, excise, restaurants and ERP. All these industries have benefitted from the MARG software and are quite happy with its performance.

Do you plan any significant market expansion in near future?

Ans) We are in this trade for more than two decades now and growing at a pace of 100%. We have a defined plan to go Internationallyand we are focusing to reach more remote areas of India, although we are present in more than 400 cities with over 1700+ technically and professionally skilled team right across the length and breadth of India.

As a fast-growing player in the Inventory and Accounting software industry, where would you like to be in the next 5 years or so?

Ans) Our aim is to touch the international market in the future, as far as India is concerned we have made our presence PAN-India for quite some time. We would want MARG to be the one top solution brand name whenever inventory and accounting management comes to anyone’s thoughts.

What is your expectation from the new Government?

Ans) We expect New Govt. should come out with a policy to subsidies the rates of the softwares so that even small business person can also buy the softwares and with this Govt can make it compulsory for all to use the software so as to get the accurate sales & purchase, excise, VAT, Income Tax data which in turn will help in the economy of our country.
The same system is being followed by many other countries e.g. Singapore Govt through their IRAS department.

Your message to the IT and Tech community

Ans) MARG is always there to ease the problems faced by various industry verticals. Make softwares which benefit the public at large, this will provide exponential recognition for the brand as well as it products.

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