Nokia demonstrates the future of VR advertising and e-commerce with its own digital health VR campaign spot

Nokia Technologies unveiled “Healthier Together”, a first-of-its-kind immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience for consumers to discover its new portfolio of digital health products. The VR campaign advances digital advertising, allowing consumers to not only discover Nokia’s new digital health products and solutions, but to interact with them and, in a first for VR, make purchases directly through an immersive experience which highlights a family’s journey to being healthier together. 

Created in partnership with innovation marketing agency Brandwidth, the “Healthier Together” VR ad was created using Nokia’s own award winning OZO+ camera and software which enable the high-quality content capture and seamless production of immersive VR experiences for advertising and marketing professionals. It features Mixed Reality pop-up views of the Nokia Health Mate app and descriptions of the products, in addition to a first-of-its-kind e-commerce integration in which viewers can click through the pop-ups to the Nokia Health site and purchase the products directly. 

“Nokia is launching the broadest range of consumer digital health products on the market and we wanted to show how easy it is to live ‘healthier together’ with them. VR was the natural choice to immerse the viewer in a real environment with a real family and Brandwidth have been great partners in realizing that vision,” said Rob Le Bras-Brown, CMO of Nokia Technologies. “I’m especially proud of this new campaign because it exemplifies the breadth of innovation at Nokia today – using award winning OZO VR technology to showcase our exciting new health products.” 

The VR ad experience kicks off the ‘Healthier Together’ marketing campaign that will support the launch of Nokia digital health products. The full portfolio will include Nokia branded smart watches, connected scales, blood pressure monitors and other consumer health devices that will be available in store and online in key markets worldwide. 

“We are truly excited to be working with Nokia and the brilliant OZO+ VR camera and Creator software in producing this revolutionary new immersive advertising piece for the launch of the innovative Nokia health products,” said Matt Littler, Brandwidth Head of Moving Image. “Our Nokia VR ad allows viewers to explore and reveal details of the products within the content and go on to purchase with built in e-commerce and payment functionality. This marks a shift in advertising; gone is the ‘created’ reality of standard media, and now we have a far deeper level of truth, that we invite you to see the products in real time, first hand!”

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