Multi-acceptance SMART PoS solution which supports all modes of payment launched by ITSL

India Transact Services Ltd. (ITSL), a digital payment arm of AGS Transact Technologies (AGSTTL), has introduced its first ‘SMART’ PoS solution. First-of-its-kind PoS solution, has been exclusively designed to provide complete payment ecosystem services to merchants including fraud prevention and risk management services for an added user convenience. With SMART PoS, ITSL, one of India’s leading merchant acquirer aims to provide end-consumers an enhanced payment experience across all its merchant outlets that are powered by the new ‘SMART’ PoS devices.

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ITSL’s ‘SMART’ PoS device is European built with state-of-the-art technology making it a seamless and secured transaction processing platform. The device coupled with ITSL’s digital payment ecosystem & AGSTTL’s proven payment infrastructure, will empower merchants to accept payments from a host of digital modes currently available in India. It is also equipped to accommodate futuristic payment technologies based on merchant requirements. End-consumers can make payments using QR code, mobile wallets, BHIM-UPI and also merchant sponsored closed-loop prepaid card swipe in addition to the regular credit and debit card transactions at these unique PoS terminals.  Aadhar Pay feature can be made available on merchant request.

Ravi Goyal, Chairman & Managing Director, AGS Transact Technologies Ltd., said, “Digital transactions have reached 1.11 billion in January and as per the recent government announcement, it is expected to touch 30 billion in FY 2018-19. This along with the requirement of 20 lakh PoS terminals poses an opportunity to drive growth of PoS industry in India. Being a frontrunner in the merchant digital payment space, we have introduced a unique payment acceptance solution for merchants that consolidate nearly all forms of existing and popular modes of payment. Especially, the MSMEs will benefit from our ‘SMART’ PoS solution as it simplifies the digital payment acceptance process by omitting the need for multiple devices or vendors to support a successful transaction. It gives the merchant more power to enhance his customer’s shopping experience through loyalty/reward programs and expand his business.”

With ‘SMART’ PoS Solution merchants can enjoy added convenience as ITSL offers end-to-end digital payment services including installation, transaction processing, fraud prevention & risk management and after sales service, all under one roof.

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