Moto 360 available on Flipkart starting from midday on October 03 @ Rs. 17,999

Moto-360-available-on-FlipkartNew Delhi, India, October 03, 2014: It’s time to get your hands on a Moto 360! Available on Flipkart starting from midday on October 03 at INR 17,999, Moto 360 stays true to the timeless form of the classic wristwatch. A round design maximises the display area while ensuring a comfortable fit, so you can get the information you want conveniently on your wrist. The watch responds to your voice with voice control which makes it easy to get things done, even when your hands are full. Just say “Ok Google” and you can send texts, set a reminder, check the weather, and even ask for directions. 

Moto 360 is a classically-designed, modern timepiece powered by Android Wear. Comfortable, familiar, and crafted with the finest materials, Moto 360 keeps you up to date without taking you away from the moment. Glance at your wrist to see updates or just speak to get the information you need. You can also keep track of your steps and know your heart rate thanks to a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor.

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