MoboMarket: Samsung tops the market with 36% share in mobile handset segment

New Delhi, India, December 3, 2015: Samsung with 36% market shares leads the pack of top mobile handset brands in India. Micromax with 22.5 % share is second in the segment according to a qualitative survey done by All-in-one Android market and Android Manager App, MoboMarket. Samsung and Micromax accounts for almost 60% market share in both Q2 and Q3, which indicates that India has both wide market potential and formidable constraints for new coming brands. The growth in the smartphone market was helped by vendors using online retail, or eTail, to penetrate the market.

The survey also reveals the popular downloaded app types in which app seekers tend to do a precise for what they want. The majority of users search terms are for precise words. They search for exactly what they’re looking for. Gaming apps lead the category followed social, video and system tool respectively. Comparing search habits of users for games versus other app categories users (“App seekers”), users searching for games will search for a greater variety of words, while app seekers tend to do a more precise search.


According to the research 80% of the Top 10 installed apps in India are smaller packages. Similar with the apps, the package size influence users’ choices on games and thus influence the download quantity of games.

MoboMarket is an Android app store developed by Baidu with over 13 million frequent users worldwide. The purpose of this research is to gain insight into the current app market situation and trends in the mobile market in India and to provide a comprehensive picture of mobile user behaviour in India.

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