MediaTek expands Rich IoT Program with New Partners to Drive Innovation

MediaTek announced its collaboration with multiple technology providers and design services firms to expand its Rich IoT program to drive innovation across the intelligent devices market. Working together, MediaTek and its partners will usher in differentiated, highly-integrated and feature-rich development platforms for the fast-moving IoT device marketplace. MediaTek’s Rich IoT program includes three AIoT chipset platforms: i300B (MT8362B) for voice assistant devices, i300A (MT8362A) for multimedia displays and i500 (MT8385) for AI vision devices.

The Rich IoT program will accelerate the development cycle and minimize design risks for enterprises, startups, emerging brands and leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). MediaTek’s engineers have collaborated with partners to port and optimize value-add offerings on MediaTek’s AIoT platforms, enabling companies to integrate exciting AI features and capabilities into the i300B, i300A and i500 chipsets to bring cutting-edge connected products and services to consumers quickly and cost-effectively.

Technology partners joining MediaTek’s Rich IoT ecosystem include:

  • DSP Concepts: Provider of audio development tools and IP for creators of audio-enabled products. DSP Concepts’ far-field voice interface technology will enable consumers to more seamlessly interact with connected devices.
  • Elliptic Labs: Elliptic’s AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform gives companies 360-degree field of view, presence detection and touch-free gesture abilities. Its ultrasound-empowered core technology requires no additional hardware sensor, and instead utilizes a device’s existing microphone and speaker to deliver intelligent and innovative features. 
  • Esper: With Esper’s platform and developer tools, companies can quickly build, deploy and manage apps and devices for digital signage, point-of-sale and kiosk solutions.

Design services partners joining MediaTek’s Rich IoT ecosystem include:

  • Innocomm: Offering original design manufacturer (ODM) services, Innocomm helps companies design hardware and software solutions for connected devices.
  • OLogic: The Company offers hardware design expertise for electronics, embedded software, and design for manufacturing for consumer electronics, robotics and IoT.
  • Sasken: A specialist in product engineering and digital transformation, Sasken provides concept-to-market, chip-to-cognition R&D services to global leaders in the semiconductor, industrial, smart devices and wearables industries and beyond.
  • Synapse: Progress is vital, and whether your ambition is to redefine a market—or to create an entirely new one—Synapse is the go-to product development partner to architect, integrate, and deliver connected ecosystems that seamlessly blend hardware and software. 

MediaTek’s i300B, i300A and i500 include powerful edge AI technology for voice, display, object recognition and other features needed for today’s smart devices. The chipsets are highly integrated with CPU, GPU and AI Processing Unit (APU) and ultra-low power consumption to support the processing demands of next generation AI devices. The hardware platforms include board support package (BSP) software that is designed to be open-source and up streamed at a quarterly release cadence, and support over-the-air (OTA) updates to enable security updates for Linux, OpenSSL and Yocto. These security features make it easier for device manufacturers to patch vulnerabilities and protect consumers’ data. Software is available as Linux and Android builds.

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