ManageEngine launches SNMP Enabler

ManageEngine-LOGOChennai, India, September 17, 2014: ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today launched SNMP Enabler. Available immediately, the free tool lets users remotely install and enable SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) service on multiple Windows servers.

“We have received requests for this tool in the past from the users of our free SNMP MIB Browser and from users of premium products like OpManager and Applications Manager,” said Vidya Vasu, head of the ManageEngine community. “SNMP Enabler complements our free SNMP MIB Browser to provide a comprehensive SNMP management kit, so users don’t have to look beyond ManageEngine to install, enable and troubleshoot SNMP. And you can be sure that subsequent versions of this tool will pack in even more value.” 

Enabling SNMP 

IT admins have come to rely on SNMP as the standard protocol to manage servers and many applications. SNMP facilitates querying variables on remote devices for performance data — the reason why most network management applications provide SNMP-based monitoring as the default, while supporting additional proprietary protocols. However, manually checking servers to confirm SNMP availability and whether the devices need the service enabled or installed is a cumbersome process.

SNMP Enabler is a desktop tool for installing and enabling SNMP on the Windows servers that do not have SNMP enabled already. Users can abort the service installation — or stop the service — on multiple servers simultaneously. Users can also import devices details, including host names and IP addresses, from a text file and then install and enable SNMP on the systems with appropriate authentication. The activity logs and the SNMP service status across the Windows systems can be exported as PDF reports.

The SNMP Enabler is handy for those IT admins who are assigned the task of troubleshooting SNMP on servers or monitoring servers by enabling them to carry out bulk install and start-and-stop activities on the monitored Windows devices.

Pricing and Availability 

SNMP Enabler is free of charge and available immediately for download at

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