ManageEngine Integrates Intel DCM to Reduce Data Center Energy Usage

ManageEngine-LOGODubai, UAE, October 26, 2014: ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, has launched the Intel DCM Energy Management plug-in for RackBuilder Plus, its 3D visual modeling software for data centers. As a result of leveraging Intel Data Center Manager (Intel DCM), the new plug-in lets admins know the power usage and temperature of their data center floors, racks and devices.

Up to 60 percent of a typical data center utility bill goes to cooling systems. Considering the huge size of today’s data centers, those bills can run up to thousands of dollars over years. Designing a real-time, continuous energy monitoring system that works in tandem with DCIM visualization tools can help reduce these bills.

“Our partnership with Intel brings together leading-edge capabilities in energy monitoring and DCIM visualization,” said Dev Anand, Director of Product Management at ManageEngine. “Intel’s energy manager is now available as a plug-in for our RackBuilder Plus to help admins get the heat map view of their racks, apply power capping over energy-intensive equipment, measure and report on energy metrics such as PUE and conduct energy audits periodically.” 

“While Intel DCM simplifies data center energy operations by providing a single solution that covers all the different server OEM protocols and proprietary techniques for power management, Intel’s DCM software stack just makes it easier for data center software and hardware vendors to integrate the DCM capabilities into their offerings,” said Jeff Klaus, General Manager for Intel DCM Solutions. “We are pleased that ManageEngine customers would now be able to simplify their power management operations with Intel DCM and the RackBuilder offering.” 

RackBuilder Plus Puts Intel Inside

The new Intel DCM Energy Management plug-in monitors the power and temperature of the data center devices via various protocols such as iDRAC, IPMI, DCMI and SNMP. The plug-in helps admins monitor the power consumption and temperature of each device. RackBuilder Plus collects this data and provides actionable information on the power consumption and temperature for the data center floor, the individual racks and the individual devices.

The Intel DCM Energy Management plug-in empowers RackBuilder Plus to aggregate all the power usage data and calculate the power usage effectiveness (PUE) and data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE) of a data center floor. Those metrics help admins understand the efficiency of their power for computing and understand how much power is wasted on cooling.

RackBuilder Plus is built on OpManager, ManageEngine’s highly scalable, data center infrastructure management software that can monitor 50,000 devices or 1 million interfaces from a single server. For deeper data center visibility and management, data center admins can convert RackBuilder Plus into OpManager with a simple license key change and gain network management, physical and virtual server monitoring, fault management, workflow automation, asset management and more.

Pricing and Availability

The Intel DCM Energy Management plug-in for RackBuilder Plus is available for download at Its pricing starts at $199 per rack.

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