LinkedIn releases its Top Attractors list

LinkedIn has launched its first-ever Top Attractors list, using exclusive LinkedIn data and examining the billions of actions of LinkedIn’s 433+ million members across the globe, to unveil the top companies where professionals want to work now. In India, 14 out of the 25 top companies in the Top Attractors list are home-grown companies such as Flipkart, HCL Technologies,, Ola and Wipro.

The India list comprises companies from diverse industries such as Telecommunications, Software, Internet, Financial services and Hospitality.

Here is what the 10 LinkedIn Top Attractors from India are doing to draw talent:

  1. Flipkart one of the first Indian start-ups to offer six months of maternity leave and sabbatical options
  2. Amazon known for providing excellent compensation and programs that encourage career growth and mentorship
  3. Capgemini keeps employees engaged with initiatives that promote physical and mental wellbeing. They also have a special program for differently abled employees
  4. Google offers post-mortem financial support to the spouses and families of employees
  5. KPMG the company’s “global mobility program,” allows employees to work internationally
  6. Deloitte invests heavily in its employees, offering various trainings as well as education reimbursements
  7. Adobe introduced “experience-a-thons” for employees to use new Adobe products and provide feedback ahead of launch
  8. HCL technologies HCL Tech introduced a new management model called “Inspire,” which puts employees first and clients second
  9. com offers employees great challenges and opportunities for growth
  10. Ola offer employees innovative projects and is known for always trying something new

Irfan Abdulla, Director Talent Solutions, LinkedIn India, said, “It is clear that Indian professionals are now looking for more than just a good salary package when deciding which companies they want to work for. Career growth opportunities, a company mission they believe in and brand values that they respect are key career considerations for talent. It is therefore important that employers continue to build and invest in an employer brand that relates to, and resonates with both potential and existing employees.” 

As part of the launch of Top Attractors, LinkedIn conducted research that revealed valuable insightsfor employers in India, when it comes to attracting talent. In particular, the top three things Indian professionals look for in an employer of choice are-opportunity for (career) growth (79%);a competitive salary (69%); and a healthy business (62%). Interestingly, growth opportunity matters more to women professionals (83%) than men (79%).

A company’s mission is also seen as an important positive factor forIndian professionals when deciding between companies to join. 51% of professionals in India (versus the global average of 37.5%) say they choose to join a company based on its mission and values. Interestingly, 52% arewilling to take a cut in their compensation if the company’smission resonates with their beliefs and values.

LinkedIn’s survey further reveals that a flexible work schedule and ability to work remotely areincreasingly important perks for Indian professionals (66%). Moreover, 48% Indian professionals say that they would forgoa top position and a high salary for more flexibility. Strong healthcare benefits (58%) and emphasis on team building and professional development (52%) arealso cited as importantincentives.

Even thoughIndia is a growing hub for start-ups, 51% Indian professionals are attracted to big companies and only 8% find start-ups attractive. Job stability (75%), association with a recognized brand (74%) and higher salary (73%) are the key reasons for choosing to work for big companies. Job stability is more attractive for Indian women professionals (81%) than men (74%).

The complete list of the Top Attractors can be viewed here. News Service

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