Lenovo completes its Internal Commercial Business Partner Meet 2015 at Cambodia

New Delhi, India, October 20, 2015: Lenovo recently hosted its annual commercial & EBG partner event, ‘Legends of Lenovo 2015’, at Angkor, Cambodia. Against the backdrop of Angkor Wat UNESCO world Heritage Centre, Lenovo India brought together existing commercial business partners along with newly acquired SystemX business partners.

Steadily scaling up, this year’s exclusive event saw 53 Partner invitees. The annual tradition of bringing all of Lenovo’s business partners together is aimed at delighting them with rare experiences. Lenovo is increasingly introducing new and innovative methods of bonding and focused activities aimed at strengthening the connect Lenovo shares with its partners.

Apart from a tuk-tuk tour of the legendary Angkor temple, partners were taken on one of the world’s best jungle zipline tours with “Flight of the Gibbons”. There was a grand gala-nite at Hotel Le-Meridian Angkor, where partners were awarded for their significant contribution to Lenovo’s business in the previous financial year and for great post-integration business continuity. The awardees were in for a sweet surprise when they saw congratulatory messages from their loved ones on the screen real-time.

  • Best Distributor Top seller                                            – IRIS Computers
  • Best Distributor New Partner acquisition               – Rashi Peripherals
  • Best Distributor for driving breadth                         – Redington India
  • Best Distributor for Runrate biz (EBG)                     – IRIS Computers
  • Best Business Partner, Metro (Premium Mix)     – United Computers
  • Best Business Partner, Geo (Premium Mix)         – Microhard
  • Best Commercial segment Partner, Metro           – Om Sai Corp
  • Best Commercial segment Partner, Geo                – Vectra computers
  • Best EBG RR Partner, Metro                                        – General Technologies
  • Best EBG RR Partner, Geo                                            – Tricad Computers
  • Best Partner, Overseas                                                 – Thakral
  • Best Partner, consistent EBG performance          – Comnet Vision
  • Best EBG competitive winback                                   – Team computers
  • Best named account Partner                                      – CDP computers

Talking about the meet, Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director of Lenovo India said, “Partners have always been our core focus and play a critical role in Lenovo‘s success story. It is heartening to see this annual partner meet get bigger each year. We are committed towards building stronger ties and create a personal connect with our partners.”

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