Lemon Mobiles to launch Tempered Glass Manufacturing Unit with an investment of 100 crores

Lemon Electronics has announced its “Tempered glass manufacturing unit” in the City of Greens- Kundli, Haryana, India under its new sub division “Lemon Glass India Limited” for the production of Tempered Glass. With an estimated investment of 100 crores, the one of its kind plant is sure to produce over 20 million mobile tempered glasses per month.

After the plant comes into operations in September 2018, Lemon Glass India Limited aims to be the top notch players in the mobile accessories in next 3 years. Expanding on the same, Brand looks forward to create separate distribution channels for Tempered glass distribution in different states. It has taken legal rights from “Thailand Glass Company” for procurement of raw material and Distribution in India.

 With the launch, Lemon Mobiles is also excited to welcome new opportunities for job seekers. The brand has always promotes new talents and young generation who can be excellent technician, operators and engineers. This, proposed plant hopefully prompt further economic growth by generating more than 3000+ skilled and unskilled job opportunities through placement drives in different cities, contributing to the “Make in India” campaign.

The expansion plans are based on adopting new technologies, empowering customers and delivering what market demands. On the Launch, Mr. Kapil Chugh, Chairman & Managing Director, Lemon Electronics Limited says “After the successful launch of the manufacturing unit and R&D facility in the last month, we are proud to expand further in the mobile industry with this latest glass plant. Our understanding of the market trends, technologies and consumer needs as always helped us built new business models and expansion projects that focus on identifying the gaps of the market and fulfil with consumer expectations. Continuing our commitment towards innovation, we look forward to deliver the best outcome from this facility like always. Today, affordability has become the driving factor for consumers when it comes to buying something hence; Lemon offers best products that are affordable for everyone.”

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