Keeper Security Announces Integration with Android Autofill Features

Keeper Security has announced its newest partnership with Google. Android devices running OS 8.1+ can select Keeper as their preferred Autofill provider from the device settings screen. With the latest release of Android Oreo, Google included an autofill API to allow for filling in of details such as account and credit card information. The framework manages communication between Google’s autofill service and password managers, like Keeper, to save users time while keeping their information more secure.

“We are extremely excited about this integration,” said Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-founder of Keeper Security, Inc. “Millions of people and thousands of businesses already use Keeper so we’re excited that customers can easily, seamlessly and securely autofill passwords and confidential account information with Keeper on all Android phones.”

Over the past few months, the Keeper team has worked closely with the Google Android team to offer this enhanced capability, allowing for better security, seamless integration and increased performance. This enhanced compatibility will offer the greatest benefit to users enabling them to easily use Keeper to autofill all their personal and account information within native apps and on Firefox Focus, guaranteeing maximum security. News Service

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